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Fab Freebie: How To Be Happy e-book

How To Be Happy is a wonderful free e-book from Mental Training Specialist, Michael Anthony, who offers it to you as his gift to the world. :)
“This book allows me to introduce you to eight words that will help you increase your self-awareness and happiness. These eight words will help you make better choices that will change you and the world for the better, in the process.
If you want to be happier and remain happy, this book will show you the way.”
By using the Daily Affirmation "I am always truthful, positive and helping others", as a compass, you will increase your self-awareness and make positive choices enabling you to live a more authentic and happier life.

This Daily Affirmation “increases your positive thoughts and actions, which raises your chemistry and increases all of your natural abilities. Above all, it forces you to be true to yourself”.
“How you think and act today is merely a reflection of what is on your past tape or software.
Your tape is a conceptual representation of the entire history of all your previous thoughts and actions. Most of your current beliefs were put on your tape by your parents and your social conditioning.

Creating self-awareness allows your spirit to guide your thoughts and actions and to reprogram your tape, instead of having your past tape continue to run your life for you.”
If you have the desire to be happier and to live a more authentic and fulfilling life, How To Be Happy is a quick and easy read that will give you the tools to start doing so.

Download your free copy here.   

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