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Keep Glowing :), While Others Get Their Moan On

We all have them in our lives. People who just can’t wait to Get Their Moan On.
It’s exhausting, draining and worst of all, contagious!

Contagious Negativity.
I can feel it physically happening to me when I’m around negative people.
I can feel the good energy draining right out of me.
Often it becomes so bad that I’ll develop an aversion to being in their company, and make excuse after excuse not to be around them.

Because as sunny as I am, they’ll keep pissing over everything, with their carping, criticising, complaining and self-misery.

Sometimes you can’t avoid having to interact with negative people.
But you can avoid Mood Infection’

The best way to keep Your Glow On, is to keep affirming to yourself inwardly, all you that know in your deepest self to be true.

Wish them a GOOD Day.
And then get away from them as quickly as possible :)

“Never sacrifice your inner integrity to anyone, anytime, anywhere. How true are you to yourself? That is the degree of your contentment.” ~ Vernon Howard

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