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Don’t ‘storm’ your brain – allow inspiration to FLOW ☺

Where, and when do You find You get your best ideas?

When I worked in advertising there was nothing that could freeze my creative juices as instantly as having to sit in a meeting to ‘brainstorm’ – a word that particularly does not resonate with me.
While everyone else was scribbling and trying to outdo each other with ideas, I’d stare at my blank notepad feeling under pressure to write something….anything…
I had nothing at all.
So I’d write my shopping list. Eggs. Loo paper… anything to look like I was ‘thinking’!☺

My brain doesn’t function well when it’s stormed.
I prefer the idea of a brainflow – inspiration that simply presents itself
My best ideas and ‘aha moments’ have always arrived when I’m not in pursuit of  them. 

Mostly, it’s when I’m doing something completely mindless, like staring at nothing at all
Mindless staring – out of the window, or at the kitchen wall while I’m waiting for the kettle to boil, or washing dishes  - often rewards me with great insights and ideas! 

The kitchen wall. Does this look like a place of inspiration? :)
Often the staring at the kitchen wall is accompanied by mindless snacking – peanut butter with a spoon, or crackers and cheese -  and while this would not be recommended by nutritionists, I’m frequently blessed with ‘answers’, insights and ideas that appear

Inspiration, clarity and understanding arrive easily when we’re relaxed and open to allowing it.
That’s why so many of us find inspiration arrives when we’re in the shower, or while we’re out walking or running, or as we’re getting ready for bed.
Ideas don’t always arrive when it’s convenient to write them down.
But it’s important that we do, or at least try to consciously remember them, until we can get them down on paper if we need to.  Because as easily as they arrive, so they can float off into the either…. and they may or may not return.

We can’t worry and stress our way to inspiration. Insights and understanding can’t be forced. We’ve got to be still and empty our minds to allow them in.
Meditation is a great way to do this – in whatever form you choose.

You don’t need to eat peanut butter and stare at a wall to get your best ideas, but you’ve got to be relaxed and open.

So next time you’re storming your brain for inspiration – relax, stop thinking, do something else, or just be still, allow it to flow and Get Your Glow On!

With Love,

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  1. The kitchen wall photo is a classic :)

  2. I'm totally agree! The more you try to force inspiration to come, the less it comes. When one's relaxed is one of the best moments. I always try to carry a little notebook and a pen with me... just in case ;-)

    1. Hi AmaSilyS - right with you on the notebook and pen - never without it. I'm always scribbling :)
      I also record voice memos on my phone which is useful.