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SMILE, tune into the Good Stuff and Spread the Glow! ☺

How often do you smile to YourSelf?
Do you smile at strangers?
I’ve always been a smiley person. (I realise that I’m smiling as I’m writing this)

Smiling tunes us into the Good Stuff – it releases natural feel-good chemicals into our bodies - an instant shot of Happy, Healthy Goodness boosting every cell.
So the more we smile, the better we feel – isn’t that fab?!

Since I’ve been running on the promenade for the last few years, I’ve had fun playing a little game with myself and make it a point to smile and greet everyone I pass!
Some return the smiles and greetings. And some don’t
Over this time, I’ve started recognising some of the ‘regulars’ like myself, who are out on the promenade every day.
I still smile and greet the people who don’t greet me - and I have a little smile to myself when they don’t.
I don’t know whether they pretend not to see me, or maybe they’re so preoccupied they don’t notice.

But there are some people who just refuse to smile! Doesn’t stop me though.

About a year ago I noticed a new ‘regular’ on the promenade – a little old Chinese lady, who must be in her late 70’s at least. She’s fit and trim and she goes out for a brisk walk every day.
The first time I ran past her, I smiled and wished her Good Morning. She didn’t respond.
I kept going and smiled and greeted her every day. After a few weeks she smiled back! That made my day!

The next day she smiled and waved!
And the time after that she smiled, waved and giggled!
What a breakthrough! I was delighted.
Now we smile and greet each other every day – I always ask how she’s doing, although she doesn’t speak a word of English. And she giggles back and says something in Chinese. I love our friendly exchange!

A warm, friendly smile breaks down barriers and speaks every language.
But it’s not always acceptable in all cultures (especially between the sexes), as I discovered  on a camel trek in the Negev desert with the Bedouins.
We were told by our guide that as women, we were NOT to smile or to look the Bedouin men in the eye if we were talking to them.
I battled with this as it’s my natural instinct to smile and be friendly. But I didn’t want to get myself into trouble.

We each had a guide to look after us and our camels, and I wrapped a scarf around my face to hide my smile - although I’m sure it could be seen in my eyes.

That’s the thing about a genuine smile. It’s more than just moving your lips and showing your teeth. You see that a lot in photos – especially when people are posing for the camera, but the smile doesn’t reach their eyes.
I love smiling eyes. And you’ll notice that not many people have them.

A smile that comes from your heart is a genuine expression of Love, kindness, JOY and connection to each other.

The day that I left my ex-partner and drove away from our home to my new flat was one of the hardest and saddest days of my life. I remember it clearly.
I stopped at a traffic light and sat there with tears rolling down my face.  I noticed a guy in the lane next to me smiling at me. I didn’t return his smile.
“Please give me a smile”, he said.
“I can’t”, I replied. “I’ve just left my partner”.
So he showed me how it was done by pulling up the corners of his mouth with his hands. Bingo! That worked!

I smiled at him and giggled a little, through my tears.
He smiled back, clapped his hands and told me that had made his day!

I smiled some more – grateful for kindness and connection from a stranger – encouraging me at the difficult start of a new chapter in my life. 
"Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy." ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
You never know how much your smile can UPlift somebody else. And smiling always make You feel good.
So smile to YourSelf, smile with the world and you’ll put a smile in your Soul and Get Your Glow On!

© Keren Su www.nationalgeographic.com

This gorgeous pic of a baby harp seal, taken by wildlife photographer Keren Su, never fails to put a smile on my face. And it’s made people smile all around the world. That really is Spreading the Glow!

With Love,


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