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Give Up? Never! :) GloWomen Share what Inspires them to Keep Going:

When we choose to follow our dreams there will always be challenging times, when we feel overwhelmed and start questioning our abilities and ourselves as to whether it's ‘really worth it’.

But there’s no doubt that persistence pays off. The only way to have, do, create and be what we want is to believe in ourselves, believe in our dreams and to keep going, diligently and courageously :)

Below, some of our inspiring GloWomen share what has inspired them to keep going as they’ve pursued their dreams:

Natasha Nay Avidan: Founding Fellow and Head of Partnerships, Sponsors and Communications at Afriversity, an organisation providing training, funding and incubation for promising African entrepreneurs.
  • Have you ever felt like giving up on your dreams?
“Yes, but it has been a long time since I have thought that way. Sometimes life can throw challenges at us and everything feels hard causing us to slip into a fearful state of mind. Fear is what stops us from following our dreams. We give up because we are afraid, afraid of failure.”
  • What or who has inspired or encouraged you to keep going?
"The first thing I did was change my environment and started surrounding myself with people and projects that inspired me. I was creating my "tribe". A tribe of people that encouraged me, supported me and allowed me to grow and be myself. During this journey, I encountered people that strengthened my faith that I had taken the right path - people that inspire me with their stories, determination and altruism. Individuals that have shown me that despite taking the path less travelled, the rewards are far greater. I take all these experiences and when I have a "rainy day", I bring them to the forefront of my consciousness and re-energise my perseverance and purpose."

Shauna Bruce-Hamburger: Life-coach, teacher, inspirational speaker and author of Beyond Adversity: Into Freedom. Shauna has faced many of her own challenges in living a life with Spina Bifida and helps others overcome their obstacles to live their most fulfilling lives.

 "Yes - I have wanted to give up on my dreams or certain aspects of my business before - especially when I have not known what else to do to make something in my business be more successful.

What has always inspired me to keep going - whether it be in life or business, is remembering that I am here for a purpose.  Reconnecting with my life's purpose - and the knowing that I am here with a purpose that only I can accomplish in the way that I can accomplish it - has always kept me moving forward.  This has been true in every aspect of my life whether it be in living with spina bifida, my business or other aspects of my life.  When we know we are on this earth for a reason and we have things we were created to accomplish - that knowing can spur us on to do the great things we were meant to do - even in the midst of obstacles and challenges.  It has always been my strong sense of purpose that has been the driving force for everything in my life - even when I am in the midst of a struggle."

Jess Ainschough
: Australian-based freelance writer. Jessica was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer in 2008, and left her job as social reporter and online editor of a teen magazine, to focus on her health. She shares tips, resources, articles and nutritious recipes for natural healing and wellness on her wonderful blog, The Wellness Warrior.

"Nope, giving up has never been an option. I have had my days when I get a bit sick of everything I'm doing, but I have always been able to see the bigger picture. As bad as things can get, giving up would be so much worse.

Thinking about my future is what inspires me to keep going. I just think about all the things I have got to look forward to and reflect on all of the blessings that are coming out of my journey. This gives me the determination and patience to do what I need to do to get my health back."

Barbara and Amy Grafstrom: the mother/daughter team behind Siamese Dream Design (an awesome example of conscious business), based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Siamese Dream Design empowers local hilltribe women and provides beautiful, wearable art made from their traditional fabrics.
"No haven't wanted to give up. Its our baby, we love what we do and we love helping the tribal women provide a better lifestyle for themselves and their families while preserving their textile traditions.

Our customers inspire me, when they get their shoes or dresses and they write to tell us how excited they are. Today a customer wrote to say "she couldn't wait for sunny weather to dance in her new dress." On a day to day basis my husband always encourages me and my girls, Amy, my partner of course and the younger ones have ideas of new designs they think we should make."
- Barbara Grafstrom
"No, I have never wanted to give up on my dream. I started this business in 2005 with only my own jewelry designs and it's definitely been a long journey to get to where we are today with a full range of products. There is still a long way to go, we have big plans for Siamese Dream Design's future.

My mother, Barbara, my partner definitely is my number one inspiration. She is the one who gave us that extra boost to go from just jewelry to so much more. The wonderful hilltribe women that we work with to create our unique products are definitely a major source of encouragement. Watching their age old textile traditions being passed down from mother to daughter is truly amazing. And of course, our very enthusiastic customers." -
Amy Grafstrom 

Madeleine Fear: Owns and operates the Small Furry Hotel, a small animal boarding facility in the New Forest Hampshire, UK.  Madeleine was a finalist in the Business Mum Extraordinaire Hampshire Winning Women Business Awards 2010. Congrats Madeleine! :)                       

"Never! You only fail if you give up. Resilience is the key.  Don't be scared of making a mistake. Brush of the bad stuff and run with the good and success will follow.

The complete desperation to run my own life drives me on. I decide when I work, play and have family time. My own business allows me the freedom to enjoy all the things that I love. I "live" everyday. I do plan for the future but I also enjoy life now. I now think I would be mentally suffocated in an office."

Kathleen Quillinan: HRH at the Pesto Princess. About 10 years ago, Kathleen Quillinan discovered pesto for herself, and tried her hand at it with the help of a 1970's orange blender from a junk shop. She started selling to friends, small supermarkets and deli's in Cape Town, and now produces a range of pestos and exotic sauces that are available countrywide in South Africa.

Pic courtesy of www.capetownmagazine.com
"Yes, I've often wanted to give up. Following dreams can fill one's life with extremes: extreme hours, acute cash crunches, severe self-neglect,  copious worries,  colossal doubts, and fears bigger than barn doors. The triumphs are also extreme. The successes can be nothing short of stupendous.  Yet deep down, many of us long for a simple life which is much more balanced,  safe and predictable.

Pesto fans, self-appointed cheerleaders, wise mentors, husbands filled with admiration, financially needy staff with wide eyes, laughter, guaranteed personal growth, loathing of failure, expert consultants, true friends in business, supportive chefs, e-mails crammed with compliments, business coaches, loyal management teams, gratitude, delighted customers , dogged determination, sheer joy, love of creativity, freedom, unemployability, big bills needing paying, desire to do good, the taste for limitless possibility: these are some of the things that keep the Pesto Princess Palace a-pumpin'."
There'll always be challenges that test your commitment and it's not always easy to follow your heart, but if you abandon your hopes and dreams, you disconnect from your authentic self and your own happiness.

When you listen to your heart, follow your dreams and keep going :) you'll be inspired and empowered to Live your Most Joyful Life :)
Trust yourself, constantly re-commit to what's important to You, Rock your Happiness and Get Your Glow On :) 

With Love,

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