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47 Days to Go: I'm Turning 50! 50 GlowTips I’m sharing to Spread the Glow!

47 Days to go until I turn 50!
So I’ve decided to share 50 GlowTips to Get Your Glow ON – one per day, in no particular order of importance and just as they come to me…
And here’s GlowTip 4:
GlowTip 4) A warm, friendly smile crosses all barriers and boundaries and connects us to the Good Stuff.

I’m not talking about that fake cheesy smile that some people do – actually I find that very off-putting!  Smiling is more than just moving your lips and showing your teeth.

A smile that comes from your heart is a genuine expression of Love and an instant connection to one another.

I’ll never forget when I was 18 and had just started driving - I was extremely nervous as I drove my new little car down to our local shopping centre.
I spotted a free parking bay on the other side of the car park and whizzed around to take it, only to see a guy who was there before me about to drive in. I stopped, smiled, shrugged my shoulders and gestured to him to take it.
He stuck his head out of the car window and told me to take the parking bay.
“No, no, you were here first”, I said.
“You can have it”, he said. “You’ve got a beautiful smile”.
All these years later, and that memory still makes me smile!

I’m not advocating that you use your smile (or do anything else to manipulate people) to get what you want. That would be insincere and defeats the purpose of true soul connection. But a genuine, friendly smile is an instant bridge of warmth and connection.

I once worked with a client who was brilliant and handsome, but also shy and mostly grumpy.
I urged him to smile when meeting people for the first time. He wouldn’t.
People felt uncomfortable around him. They found it hard to connect. He chased a lot of people away.
But when he occasionally smiled, everyone fell at his feet (including me, but let’s not go there!).

I’ve noticed that I smile a lot. I smile to myself. I smile at strangers if I walk past them in the street and we happen to look at each other at the same time. They don’t always smile back – but that’s ok. And some smile at me first and that always gets a smile in return.

Smiling makes us feel good. It releases natural feel-good chemicals into our bodies. It’s an instant shot of happy - boosting every cell.
So the more we smile, the better we feel – isn’t that fab?!

Your smile can light UP your world! You never know how much your smile can UPlift somebody else. And smiling always make you feel good!

So smile to YourSelf, smile with the world and you’ll put a smile in your soul and Spread the Glow!

With Love, 

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