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42 Days to Go: I'm Turning 50! 50 GlowTips I’m sharing to Spread the Glow!

42 Days to go until I turn 50!
So I’ve decided to share 50 GlowTips to Get Your Glow ON – one per day, in no particular order of importance and just as they come to me…

And here’s #GlowTip 9) Enough mourning what you’ve lost — rather Rock your Attitude of Gratitude for what you have!

We all experience loss at some time in our lives. Some of us from a younger age than others. And as we get older it can start taking its toll on us and drag us down.

It’s easy to get caught up in that downward spiral of misery when we’re dwelling on what we’ve lost and what we don’t have. Just thinking about it can send us straight into despair.

It’s crucial that we do give ourselves time to mourn. Time to be with our grief. And then we’ve got to Move On!
Because who wants to be miserable?!

Of course we’ll always have times when we feel overcome with sadness. But we don’t have to stay there.

If you find that you keep looking back with sadness and you’re unable to move on — it’s helpful to rock your Attitude of Gratitude for all the good times you’ve had, and all the Good Stuff you’re grateful for right now!

Gratitude is a fabulous energy shifter! It’s an instant shot of Feel-Good straight to the heart.

We can be so wrapped up in mourning our loss that we don’t even recognise all the Good Stuff that we have in our lives. And we block out more Good Stuff from coming in.

When we celebrate and appreciate all the Good Stuff that we have, we instantly feel better! And we create more (how fab!), enjoy more, share more of the Good Stuff and Spread the Glow!

With Love, 

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