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GlowBusiness Workshop with The Raymond Ackerman Academy

I had a fab time with the graduating students of the The Raymond Ackerman Academy of Entrepreneurial Development at UCT’s Graduate School of Business. 

The GlowBusiness workshop topic was “Take Responsibility and Rock your Success – finding opportunity in adversity and getting past excuses!” ☺ Something I’m very familiar with! ☺ ☺

Huge Gratitude to Raymond Ackerman and his family for Spreading the Glow in entrepreneurship with their generous support ♥ 
And wishing every success to the budding entrepreneurs!                                          
There’s no business like GlowBusiness!☺ ☺

Good Luck to all the budding entrepreneurs!
Here's to Rocking your Success!

Students listing their personal achievements

Left to Right: Serena McLaren, Personal Development Custodian, Bets and Elli Yiannakaris - Director