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The Real Business of Business

I know it may seem like we're living in a world of unparalleled greed and corruption - it can certainly look that way a lot of the time. And it is the common paradigm that enslaves most people, passed down in fear of there not being enough - a lie that supports control. 

So the individuals, businesses and brands who distinguish themselves through extending great service and respect and consideration for their staff, customers and the resource base they depend on, starting with our beautiful planet - cannot fail to prosper. 

Because ultimately the success of a business depends on the success of its relationships. It's really how you treat people that counts. 
"Our real business here is to care for and make life a little easier for one another." 

 I wrote this piece a while ago, now published in the African Independent on The Real Business of Business.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in. Whether you’re offering a product or a service, you’re still in business to serve others – to uplift, assist and support other people and ultimately, to make their lives better.
But often it seems that we are so busy focusing on the business of business – the importance of what the business does, instead of the people it serves. ....continued here  
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With Love and Encouragement,

Love and Kindness and Support is Everywhere, because You are Here 💞

Dearest Glorious GloWomen,

Yesterday was my Mum’s 80th birthday and we had planned to celebrate with a lovely lunch in the country. However, as we hit the highway, a warning light on my car dashboard started to flash. 

I couldn’t pull over on Cape Town’s notoriously dangerous N2 and so kept affirming that we would get to a place of safety to stop the car and get it sorted out – which we managed to do!

I had to drive for quite a while before I pulled into a roadside filling station and asked the first man I saw parked in front of me for some advice on what to do. As it happened, he owned a car workshop in the area and knew all the right people who could help me get my car back to Cape Town. 

Within 30 minutes, he had called a tow-truck from a trusted and vetted company; I had sorted it out with my insurance company and my car and my mother and myself were delivered safely back to Cape Town by the driver, Leon. My car was dropped off at the garage where the owner had opened up specially (it was a Sunday) to take delivery of my car.

Leon could not have been kinder. I was absolutely TERRIFIED to drive my car onto the tow-truck as I couldn’t see the sides of the platform, but I was determined and breathed in deeply to contain my fear as Leon guided me safely up. And I DID IT!! Wow, I felt so proud of myself. Another first – Go Betsie!! 👏👏👏💞

As he drove us back to Cape Town, Leon told us that he loves his job because it allows him to help people, and that he feels that most people have lost their humanity. 

And then I felt that ping of recognition….a kind and loving soul who had been sent to help….just as I knew there would be… 

In all my years and all the scrapes and difficulties I’ve found myself in, there have always been kind and loving people around me to help! I have never and nor will I ever, find myself all alone in the world. I have always been surrounded by the love and care that I need at the time.

I’ve often been told how “lucky” I am. But I want you to know that we all have that luck and love and support available at any time that we choose to recognise it!  We just need to know that it’s there for us.

So if there’s something you need support in your life with right now, then please ask for it, know that you CAN expect it, you are entitled to it, and it WILL come when you are open to it. 💜

And when you encounter someone else who needs your help – whether it’s in your personal or professional life – then remember that your real ‘job description’ is to BE the Love and Light that You are and to share it to UPlift YourSelf and those around you.  

I know we always complicate life and make things seem so much worse than they really are, but it truly is that simple…know that you live in a loving Universe and that you are supported and cared for,  and do the same for those around you - and it’s ALL GOOD, ALWAYS❣️

So here’s wishing you all a deLIGHTful week ahead and let’s Spread that loving Glow as faaaaar as it CAN GO! 

(I’ll be taking Mum out for her belated birthday lunch as soon as I get my car back and we’re looking forward to it even more!) 

With Love and Light,