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"When We Get our Glow ON, we CAN Light UP our world!" ~ Bets

A Little Gentle Encouragement Goes A Long Way!

When I first started giving my GloWoman talks, I struggled with being called a “motivational speaker”. I felt it was a bit snake-oil salesmany, a bit fake - and I just wanted to share my experiences and what I’ve learned, to encourage others.

Although it works for some people, and admittedly it’s great for the sportsfield, but I’m not a huge fan of that “Ra-ra let’s GO!” war-like type of motivation, and I know it doesn’t work for everyone.

Personally, I’ve always found it a bit cringeworthy when the motivational speaker works the stage to get everyone revved up and they’re all shouting a rousing “Yes!” and waving their arms in the air. 

Of course it’s not the shouting “Yes!” that bothers me, it’s the whole group frenzy thing I’m not crazy about – the mob mentality, which is seldom kind, loving and compassionate and mostly a little bit aggro and centred around “winning” or “beating the other side”.

It’s all very well to work yourself up into a frenzy of positive energy in a group, but most of the time when you need to pull that energy out of yourself, you’re alone, feeling disconnected, a bit lost, stressed out, exhausted and insecure over some perceived crisis or deeply worrying circumstances - and the mob isn’t there to help you out of it!

Ultimately no matter how connected we are, there will always be times when we find ourselves all alone, facing ourselves and our challenges and feeling weak and wobbly. That’s when a little self-love and self-care, compassion, nurturing, gentle encouragement and quiet determination can go a long way.

Regardless of what is going on around us, it is always possible to choose love and loving thoughts over fear. And it is only we who can shift ourselves out of fear and into that loving place and sustain ourselves there. The mob can incite enthusiasm and energy to fuel us up for a brief moment in time, but opening up to the love in our own hearts, for ourselves and for the world, is what keeps us connected to the Good Stuff.

Being easy on ourselves; gently, gently encouraging ourselves, loving and nurturing ourselves through our challenges, while remembering to connect with our pleasure and joy along the way, will always uplift and heal us in heart and soul. And when we do, we bring more love and healing to the world. And so the world around us changes.

I know what it’s like to feel so alone and helpless that you don’t know where to turn. So I’ve learned to become the person I always needed in my life – and I’m here to support you with tools, tips and techniques to Rock your Happiness and connect to your Joy! 

And how do I know that it works? Well, I’m just like you! And I’m doing this everyday, for myself and for others. 😊 And now I'm comfortable with being called an "inspirational speaker" and I'm happy to inspire others to shine their light and Get their Glow ON!

How can you give YourSelf a little more self-care today? 
How can you be kinder to YourSelf today? 
How will you connect to your joy today? 

❤️ The love in my own heart is where it starts.❤️

With Love and all the encouragement in the world,

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Bettina is an inspirational writer, speaker and GlowCoach supporting women to embrace their personal power, Rock their Happiness, shine their Light and Get their Glow ON! 
She offers intuitive and insightful personal mentorship and consultations face-to-face or on Skype, group and corporate workshops and keynote talks for organisations. 
Email: bets@glowoman.org 

Show UP for Your Positive Possibilities!

Dearest Glorious GloWomen,

Are you really open to receiving whatever it is that your heart desires?
Think about it….

It always amazes me to hear people talking about what they really want in Life – and then giving a big sigh….and talking themselves out of it completely! ☹️

Because if you really believe it’s too difficult, too expensive, out of your reach etc – you’re not going to show UP for YourSelf to receive it.

But somebody else will! Right now there are millions of people enjoying whatever it is that you want. It is absolutely possible.There are people showing up for what they want to enJOY! 😊

So if you truly want to enJOY your aspirations – then please STOP defending your limitations! Open UP to believing in the POSITIVE possibilities for Your Wonderful Life (why would you even consider anything else?!)

Because you can’t get what you want until you show UP for what you want. So what are you showing UP for today?

I wish you a Wonderful Week filled with positive possibilities! Set your intention to believe in them, show Up for them, enJOY them and Get Your Glow ON! 💞

With Love,

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Choose to leave Victimville and Get Your Glow ON!

Dearest Glorious GloWomen,

One of the most emPowering things you can do for YourSelf is to realise that only You are responsible for Your Wonderful Life!
And the quickest way out of Victimville, is to lose the blame and to take responsibility to step into your power to choose.

You can choose to get your woe on…..OR You can choose to get your Glow on!
You always have the choice to respond, rather than to re-act to your circumstances. 
So here’s to choosing your emPowered response.

Even if you’ve experienced the most adverse circumstances – your circumstances don’t have to define who you are. Being victimised does not make you ‘a victim’ - unless you choose to let it. So why would you let it? 😊

So dearest GloWomen, here’s a helpful GlowTip if you’re feeling powerless and that Life has got you down…
The quickest way out of Victimville is to choose to be a CREATOR of Your Most JOYful Life and not a victim of circumstances! 

Choose thoughts, word and actions that UPlift and emPower Wonderful You! 💞

Because choosing Love, Laughter and JOY and all the Good Stuff, is a lot more fun than feeling stuck in Victimville! 

And the easiest way to steer YourSelf towards Rocking your most Wonderful Life is to choose to enJOY the ride! 

With Love and JOY, 

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Appreciate Wonderful You and Get Your Glow ON!

If you’re feeling a bit pissy and miffed and under-appreciated – wishing that you could enjoy the best that life has to offer – then here’s a little GlowTip and some Very Good News! 😊Maybe it’s time to appreciate Wonderful YOU!

Firstly - please get rid of this notion - It’s not vain or conceited or arrogant to appreciate YourSelf. 

Vain, conceited, arrogant people are actually coming from a place of fear. Secretly, they don’t really believe that they’re good enough so they’re trying to convince themselves, most of all – instead of appreciating themselves, and others for who they really are.

When we love and appreciate ourselves and all that we are and all that we have to give and share, we want to give the best to ourselves, to make the best of ourselves and to share the best of ourselves – and there’s nothing vain, conceited or arrogant about that. It’s a Good Thing!

Because when we do love and appreciate ourselves – oh happy day…Life reflects that right back to us….we start to receive appreciation and all the Good Stuff that flows to us in return!

So here’s to Rocking our Attitude of Gratitude for who we are and all the gifts and talents we were born to share! We are all born with gifts and talents to UPlift ourselves and those around us - no-one gets left out!

Instead of taking it all for granted, let’s get out and share who we are and what we have with the world.

Because the more we shine our Light, the brighter our world becomes. So when we Get our Glow ON – we CAN Light UP our world! 💞

Here’s to making Your Wonderful Life, a reflection of Wonderful You!

With Love and Appreciation,

Good News: You're NOT the Baggage Manager of the Universe!

If you're feeling a little weighed down, the Good News is that you may be holding on to a whole lot of heavy baggage that doesn't even belong to you.

We’re all travelling with some baggage that we’ve picked up along the way – but You don’t need to weigh YourSelf down with someone else’s heavy baggage - You're not the Baggage Manager of the Universe! 😀

When someone’s being negative, or trying to put You down – they’re just projecting their own heavy baggage on to the situation or directing it at you...
BUT ***You don’t have to take it on-board!*** ☺
It’s NOT *your* stuff! ☺

You can decide to say "NO thanks!"
You can decide to wish them well...
You can decide to stay tuned to the Good Stuff and to ***let the rest go!***

You don't need to carry the weight of the world....you'll serve YourSelf and the world a lot better when you're out there shining your Light!

And You CAN decide to keep shining, to travel lightly, to enJOY your journey and to Get Your Glow ON! 💞
And I hope you do - because when We Get Our Glow ON, we CAN Light UP our world! ✨💞
With Love and Light and all the enCouragement in the world,

The only way to get somewhere, is to start somewhere!

It’s always fun to dream and imagine what we want. But we can’t have or be what we want until we start to show UP for what we want.

And sometimes making a start is the hardest part!

We are all beginners, every time we start something new! And often it’s a scary feeling. Things appear to be so uncertain. We don’t know what’s going to happen, or how things are going to work out. It’s like being the new kid at school all over again.

I was chatting to a friend who was recently appointed CEO of a large international corporate. He admitted to me that even though he was excited to get started, the thought of it was rather terrifying — because he’d never been a CEO before. That made me feel a lot better! Because it doesn’t matter who we are — setting out on a new path can be quite daunting.

But what I’ve learnt is that the best way to get past that gut-wrenching fear is to remind myself of what I want and then to take it one baby step at a time!

When we start with just one small step, we can steer ourselves out of that scary place and back into our creative, emPowered place.

So many of us are afraid to begin, because we fear spectacular failure — losing everything and making fools of ourselves. And sometimes what we want to achieve can seem like such an overwhelming task that we talk ourselves out of it, before we’ve even tried…

But instead of dreading the thought of failure, it’s a lot more helpful to focus on incremental success. You can’t go wrong, if you take it one small step at a time; checking out what works for you, and what doesn’t — and moving purposefully, persistently and joyfully towards what you want.

It is always the right time to start! You can decide to start making one positive change in just one area of your life. And once you’ve decided to move one step closer to what you want, you’ll be encouraged and inspired to take another step…and another…!

And if you keep going and remember to enjoy yourself along the way, you’ll find that all of a sudden you are experiencing everything you’d been dreaming about and you are making your dreams come true!

After repeated ‘start-overs’, what I’ve realised, is that it’s not so much of a ‘start from the beginning’, as it is simply the next chapter of my journey. And the sooner I get started, the less I fear!

Where do You want to go? And what do You want to do?

What’s the one step you can take right now to move you closer towards your dream?
Taking just one baby step today, could be your giant leap for joy! But if you don’t start, how will you ever know?!

Please don’t put your most joyful life on hold. Take your finger off the pause button and press PLAY!

Start by taking it one small step at a time and do what you need to do, to move into your groove and Get Your Glow ON!

With Love, 

Are You Supporting, or Sabotaging YourSelf?

Mostly, what gets in the way of us living the happy, JOYful, prosperous lives that we wish for is nothing more, and nothing less than - ourselves!

The way we treat ourselves - the stuff we tell ourselves, the stuff we believe about ourselves, the way we see ourselves, the concept we have of ourselves - is the single biggest factor in determining the results in our lives and what we experience.

The world accepts us and reflects back to us our own estimation of ourselves. So what we believe about ourselves, becomes true for us.

If we believe deep-down that we're not good enough, or that there's "not enough to go around" and we're coming from a place of lack - then guess what we're going to experience? Yep, exactly what we believe, and more of the same!

So - are You supporting, or sabotaging YourSelf?

Are you telling YourSelf that You CAN or - you can't be, do or have whatever it is that you wish for?

Because one thing's for sure - if You don't believe in YourSelf, it's hard to keep going. It's hard to even get started - because if you don't believe you can do it - then why bother to try?

Recently I was working with a client who wanted to do something, but kept telling me about her 'block' that was in the way. She believed she had a block. She talked about it and carried it around with her like an old friend. Except it was the kind of friend that sabotages you and stops you from enjoying your life to the full - so really why would you want to keep it hanging around, when it's really no friend at all? 

I said, "What if you decide you just don't need this block anymore. It's not serving You. It's not UPlifting your life in any way. What if you decide just to put it down and leave it behind?"

She became very agitated and said, "I can't. Don't you understand - it's a block!"

"You've decided it's a block," I said to her. And now You can decide to leave it behind, if you want to. It's only fear and you can step over it - and leave it far behind. You can summon up all your courage and take that step over it and keep going. Or you can decide to hang on to it for the rest of your life and let it limit you from the Good Stuff.... "

Once You bravely decide to step over it - you'll see it wasn't really a Big Bad Block at all. Just a little fear that prompted you to expand past your own self-imposed limits and to grow.

You don't need to take a massive leap of faith if that's too scary for you. Baby steps, little by little, loving and supporting YourSelf along the way will get you there. 

And how do I know this? Well, it's because I have done it and am still doing it too - every day! Right there with ya! 😊

The mind is a powerful tool. But we need to remember that it's always UP to us how we use it. We are in charge of our minds. It's not the other way around. We can use our minds to support ourselves, or to sabotage ourselves. It's UP to us to decide!

I'm so happy that my client is starting to realise this for herself - and she's stepping over her block and leaving it far behind - a disappearing speck in the distance!

When we decide to love and support and enCourage ourselves, there are no blocks or limits that can stop us from Rocking our Happiness and Getting our Glow ON!  
With Love and all the enCouragement in the world,

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Believe that you're Good Enough and Get Your Glow ON!

Dearest Glorious GloWomen,

An issue that keeps coming up with the women I coach and mentor is around believing that we’re “good enough”…. Good enough to be what we want to be, good enough to have what we want to have and good enough to do what we want to do.

So let me help you get clear on that right now and without further ado….

❤️You (and all of us) are indeed Good Enough! ❤️ And the key is believing that you are!

We all experience periods of self-doubt when we think that we’re not good enough. This often happens when we compare ourselves to others and think that we don’t match up. But many of us are way too hard on ourselves most of the time. Every time we’re down on ourselves for what we think we can’t do, or what we don’t have, or what we haven’t achieved, we destroy our own confidence! 

You might need to improve your skills, increase your knowledge and hone your innate talent and abilities to expand into your highest potential – but you DO HAVE ALL that it takes to do it, as long as you believe in YourSelf. And that truly is the key…

Every single one of us has gifts and talents we were born to share with the world. Nobody gets left out…. And we can all use these gifts and talents to UPlift ourselves and others – that’s why we have them – how cool is that?! 😊

But most of us either don’t recognise what our talents are, or don’t have the confidence to go out into the world and rock those talents! So we relegate ourselves to a life of mediocrity and struggle, believing that other people ‘out there’ are so much better than we are.

Well, that’s just plain sad, unnecessary and a little bit selfish actually – you have so much to give and share - why deprive the world of Wonderful You? 😊

You’ll notice that it’s not always the most talented, or intelligent or especially gifted people that “make it” in this world… Sometimes you might be asking yourself how on earth some of those people even got as far as they have…?

But the fact is that they think they are wonderful! Everyone else may not always agree, but – they don’t care!! They’re too busy believing they’re wonderful and having a wonderful time!

And the rest of us just don’t realise how wonderful we are!

So if you find YourSelf feeling that you’re not good enough, then it’s time to shift out of self-doubt into self-belief. It’s time to start appreciating and enCouraging Wonderful You!

❤️It’s time to STOP beating YourSelf up and to START CHEERING YourSelf ON!❤️

Why let your own self-doubt stand in the way of rocking Your Wonderful Life?

When you give YourSelf the Love, Appreciation and Encouragement you need to go out and share your best self with the world, you CAN rock your gifts and talents you were born to share. And you’ll emPower YourSelf to Rock your Happiness and Get Your Glow ON! 

With Love and all the Encouragement in the world, because I know YOU CAN...