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"When We Get our Glow ON, we CAN Light UP our world!" ~ Bets

Remember Who You Are and Simply BE Magnificent You!

Dearest Glorious GloWomen,
I know that it seems that Life can sometimes leave us reeling, confused and thinking “Wtf am I doing? Wtf am I supposed to be doing? Wtf am I doing here? Why is this happening to me? This isn’t what I want. I can’t believe this is my life! If only I had…. (usually tons of money!), life would be so much easier/better/ more fun…”
I know that sometimes our circumstances can leave us feeling beyond crappy and cause us to forget our uniquely talented and beautiful selves; our priorities and our desires and the very essence of Who We Really Are….
And it happens to all of us! 
I know that circumstance in my own life have left me feeling lost and scared and alone and unsure of what to do…and the more I disconnect from my own love and joy, the more I disconnect from my own life force, the more powerless I feel and yep… the worse my life gets…aaaggghh! 
But the wonderful thing is - as soon as I remember who I am, what’s important to me, and what I intend to create and experience – BOOM! Just like that - all the Good Stuff in the Universe is available to me and I open UP to allowing it to flow! 💞💞💞

So for all who are feeling lost and afraid, or battle-weary – here is your REMINDER: Your circumstances do not dictate who you are. Remember Who You Really Are!! You’re not here by some random accident and you do matter. Your Life matters.

You’re a vitally important part of our Universe, a gift to our world, a powerful Light created to SHINE; to do what makes You happy, and to share your gifts of Love and Joy with the world. And the best way to get over Yourself is to enJOY BEING YOURSELF! 🌟🌟🌟💖💖💖

The more joy and pleasure and love and laughter you add to your day, the better you’ll feel and the more you’ll find your circumstances improving; the Good Stuff starts flowing through you and to you – what a win! It’s really so simple, it’s just easy-peasy…when we REMEMBER to simply BE the Love and JOY that we are! 💞

So here’s to rocking a Magnificent Monday – remember to BE Magnificent YOU – your happiness, your pleasure, your joy, your creativity, your desires – intend them, create them, enJOY them and share them and you’ll keep your Light shining and Get Your Glow ON! 💜
With Love and JOY, 

Nurturing the Nurturers with Dementia SA Bergvliet Support Group

Thank You Annette Milner, facilitator of the Dementia SA Bergvliet Support Group, for inviting me to share my Nurturing the Nurturers interactive talk.

Those courageous and loving people who have undertaken to care for their parents or spouses with dementia often find themselves depleted and heading for burnout, as they sacrifice their own well-being in caring for their loved ones.

I believe burnout is a deep cry from our soul, for our own self-love, self-care, compassion and kindness. A cry to honour ourselves. 

We can't effectively care for anyone else, until we honour and take care of ourselves and our needs, including the things that bring us pleasure and joy.

It's easier to deal with the tough stuff when we fuel ourselves up with the Good Stuff. So I share tips, techniques and tools to help make life less frightful, and more delightful! 

I love facilitating these Glow sessions and helping people to release their fear, guilt and regrets and to re-connect to their gratitude, appreciation and joy 💜

And it's sooo wonderful to feel the energy in the room change....people come in feeling overwhelmed and fearful, and they leave smiling and feeling inspired. 

Thank You Universe for delivering these blessings through me and to me 💞 

When We Get our Glow ON, we CAN Light UP our World!

Believing and Receiving - my nomination for BWASA Business Woman of the Year Award 2018.


How many times have you found yourself so bogged down in the tough stuff, that you completely overlook the Good Stuff, the very miracles you’ve been hoping for, because they may not appear in the form that you were expecting?

I’m all about expecting miracles and wonderful things to happen for me in My Wonderful Life - and indeed, they do!
I give thanks for all the Good Fortune that I have, and all the Good Stuff that’s coming my way and I affirm that I’m willing to receive it all. But I’m not always as open to receiving as I think I am…

It happened to me recently and I almost missed out on something so amazing and wonderful that was happening for me, because I did not recognise it at the time. But the fabbydabulous thing is, the Universe was not going to let it pass me by! 

I was in the middle of what felt like a debilitating cash flow crisis – dumped by my biggest client who was moving their offices to the Middle East, workshops postponed and rescheduled months down the line and nothing that I could see coming in to replace them. No money coming in… I felt overwhelmed by the deluge of communications from creditors – emails and texts, threatening letters from attorneys and phone calls all hounding me for money… 

So the very last thing that I ever expected was an email from inspiring GloWoman and businesswoman extraordinaire, Margaret Hirsch, congratulating me on my nomination in the Business Woman of the Year Award 2018 Emerging Entrepreneur category!
This was followed by another email from the Business Women’s Association – letting me know that Margaret Hirsch herself had nominated me, and the criteria for accepting the nomination.

Talk about a low self-esteem moment (Yes, we all have them!) – I took one look at these emails sitting among all the other emails that were demanding payment and and thought  “Haha this is obviously spam…. me, nominated?? Yeah right, as if…what a joke!” - and didn’t give it another thought.

About a week later I was having a coffee meeting with one of the top financial planners of a big blue-chip financial services company, about running my GloWoman workshops for their staff. She mentioned in passing that I should join the Business Women’s Association and then I remembered the nomination email...  I told her about it, still thinking it was spam.

She insisted I read it to her and that’s when I looked at it properly for the first time and realised that it was in fact not spam at all, but the real thing –  this was no joke, it was an actual nomination! 

I was completely shocked! I had never ever thought of myself as someone who could even be in the running for such a business award!

The financial planner Mariëtta Marx (happy to name and publicly thank her, she’s an amazing woman!) insisted that I reply immediately, thanking Margaret Hirsch and accepting the nomination. Which I agreed to do, even though I still didn’t think I actually qualified to enter… One of the main criteria was the business had to show profit and growth over three years and I definitely didn’t believe that I could show that with my accounts.

So I wrote to thank Margaret and told her that I didn’t think I could submit my accounts, as there was nothing in them at this point! I also told her that the reason we had not yet met in person was because although she had kindly invited me to her monthly Women of Worth (WOW)dinners, I was not able to attend due to lack of funds!

Margaret emailed me back immediately with kind words of encouragement and support.

Hi Bettina

Thank you for your letter and you know you have to start somewhere and this is such a good place to start. You would have had the whole of businesswoman South Africa supporting you.

The fact that you have been nominated is in itself an honour and the fact that you have been accepted to be a finalist is also an honour. Its something that nobody can ever take away from you. It gives you much more credibility.

Although you are just starting out this is a good place to start.

When the time has come at least you will know what to do and where to go and I am sure from now you will go from strength to strength.

Kind Regards

I still wasn’t convinced that I qualified so my mum told me to call my trusted friend and bookkeeper Sara who has looked after me for more than 20 years - to check out the management accounts. This was embarrassing in itself as I still hadn’t paid her this year (eek!)…. 

But she was thrilled for me and delighted to help. When she came back and told me that I had actually made a profit three years in a row and that I qualified to accept the nomination – no-one could have been more surprised than me!!

I mean there I was so bogged down in my own perceived crises that I had not realised that the Universe was offering me massive support, magic and miracles!!  Can you believe that? Me - the GlowCoach, the Chief Glow Officer, didn't even recognise the Good Stuff when it appeared for me!

I have always spent my life encouraging others. But I’m so grateful that the Universe always puts people in my life who encourage and support me!

One of the best things about the nomination was my own discovery of what I have achieved with GloWoman up to now. I think we often overlook how well we’re already doing because we’re so busy focusing on what still needs to be done.

To all the nominees of the BWASA Businesswomen of the Year Awards – Mazal Tov and Congratulations! I am thrilled and delighted to be included among you!

Here’s to remembering to enJOY the journey, to allowing ourselves to receive the Good Stuff and to Getting our Glow ON!

With Love,

Nurturing the Nurturers: GloWoman morning at Brenthurst Residence

What a wonderful start to the year! Thank You Matron Lizann Painter for inviting me to share the Nurturing the Nurturers GloWoman program with your staff at the Brenthurst Residence for the elderly.

I created the GloWoman Nurturing the Nurturers program to support our beloved nurses and care-givers, who give so much of themselves providing care to those who cannot care for themselves -  but are not always so good at giving what they need to themselves, which can leave them depleted, heading for burnout and low on glow!

The theme for the sessions was Rocking the Good Stuff in 2018: Out with the Old and in with the New and we focused on the following areas to help us tune into our Love, Happiness and Joy, no matter what our circumstances!
  • Breathing In Love, Breathing out Peace: Exercises to to re-connect and centre ourselves.
  • Entitlement vs Taking Responsibility for Joyful Outcomes (If it’s going to be it’s up to me! - the power of Choice) 
  • Rocking our Attitude of Gratitude – Appreciation always raises our vibration!
  • There’s always an UPside – rocking our positivity to find the blessings in the stressings
  • Reconnect to Wonderful You: Self-Appreciation, Self-Love, Self-Care.
    I'm so delighted with the wonderful feedback I received from all the ladies. It's always great to Spread the Glow and heartwarming to know that the ripple effect sends the Good Stuff out into the world as faaaaar as it can go! 

    I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to do the "work" I love to do.  
    Here's to Getting our Glow ON, and lighting UP our world!
    With Love,