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Get Your Glow On™ Nurturing the Nurturers program - at Curro, Century City

I'm thrilled to have started our winter series of Get Your Glow On™ - Nurturing the Nurturers program  - to support women teachers and educational staff, who are always giving so much of themselves – to their families and to their students, but are not so good at giving to themselves - which can leave them depleted and low on glow!

Workshop participants receive a printed workbook, which they can use as an updateable blueprint to keep them ‘glowing’.

I spent a lovely afternoon with the women teaching staff of Curro, Century City - facilitating my Nurturing the Nurturers GlowSession (not workshop - because work implies effort  :) And it's not - it's joyful and fun!).

The feedback from the teachers was overwhelmingly positive! :)

Curro, Century City teachers taking time out to reconnect with themselves and enjoying a scrumptious tea.

With Paula Oosthuizen from Curro, Century City - thanks for arranging the event, Paula!

My heartfelt thanks to all our teachers and educators who give so much to inspire our future leaders, innovators and heroes! Thank You for Spreading the Glow! ♥︎

More info on the Nurturing the Nurturers program here.