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Are You Supporting, or Sabotaging YourSelf?

Mostly, what gets in the way of us living the happy, JOYful, prosperous lives that we wish for is nothing more, and nothing less than - ourselves!

The way we treat ourselves - the stuff we tell ourselves, the stuff we believe about ourselves, the way we see ourselves, the concept we have of ourselves - is the single biggest factor in determining the results in our lives and what we experience.

The world accepts us and reflects back to us our own estimation of ourselves. So what we believe about ourselves, becomes true for us.

If we believe deep-down that we're not good enough, or that there's "not enough to go around" and we're coming from a place of lack - then guess what we're going to experience? Yep, exactly what we believe, and more of the same!

So - are You supporting, or sabotaging YourSelf?

Are you telling YourSelf that You CAN or - you can't be, do or have whatever it is that you wish for?

Because one thing's for sure - if You don't believe in YourSelf, it's hard to keep going. It's hard to even get started - because if you don't believe you can do it - then why bother to try?

Recently I was working with a client who wanted to do something, but kept telling me about her 'block' that was in the way. She believed she had a block. She talked about it and carried it around with her like an old friend. Except it was the kind of friend that sabotages you and stops you from enjoying your life to the full - so really why would you want to keep it hanging around, when it's really no friend at all? 

I said, "What if you decide you just don't need this block anymore. It's not serving You. It's not UPlifting your life in any way. What if you decide just to put it down and leave it behind?"

She became very agitated and said, "I can't. Don't you understand - it's a block!"

"You've decided it's a block," I said to her. And now You can decide to leave it behind, if you want to. It's only fear and you can step over it - and leave it far behind. You can summon up all your courage and take that step over it and keep going. Or you can decide to hang on to it for the rest of your life and let it limit you from the Good Stuff.... "

Once You bravely decide to step over it - you'll see it wasn't really a Big Bad Block at all. Just a little fear that prompted you to expand past your own self-imposed limits and to grow.

You don't need to take a massive leap of faith if that's too scary for you. Baby steps, little by little, loving and supporting YourSelf along the way will get you there. 

And how do I know this? Well, it's because I have done it and am still doing it too - every day! Right there with ya! 😊

The mind is a powerful tool. But we need to remember that it's always UP to us how we use it. We are in charge of our minds. It's not the other way around. We can use our minds to support ourselves, or to sabotage ourselves. It's UP to us to decide!

I'm so happy that my client is starting to realise this for herself - and she's stepping over her block and leaving it far behind - a disappearing speck in the distance!

When we decide to love and support and enCourage ourselves, there are no blocks or limits that can stop us from Rocking our Happiness and Getting our Glow ON!  
With Love and all the enCouragement in the world,

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Believe that you're Good Enough and Get Your Glow ON!

Dearest Glorious GloWomen,

An issue that keeps coming up with the women I coach and mentor is around believing that we’re “good enough”…. Good enough to be what we want to be, good enough to have what we want to have and good enough to do what we want to do.

So let me help you get clear on that right now and without further ado….

❤️You (and all of us) are indeed Good Enough! ❤️ And the key is believing that you are!

We all experience periods of self-doubt when we think that we’re not good enough. This often happens when we compare ourselves to others and think that we don’t match up. But many of us are way too hard on ourselves most of the time. Every time we’re down on ourselves for what we think we can’t do, or what we don’t have, or what we haven’t achieved, we destroy our own confidence! 

You might need to improve your skills, increase your knowledge and hone your innate talent and abilities to expand into your highest potential – but you DO HAVE ALL that it takes to do it, as long as you believe in YourSelf. And that truly is the key…

Every single one of us has gifts and talents we were born to share with the world. Nobody gets left out…. And we can all use these gifts and talents to UPlift ourselves and others – that’s why we have them – how cool is that?! 😊

But most of us either don’t recognise what our talents are, or don’t have the confidence to go out into the world and rock those talents! So we relegate ourselves to a life of mediocrity and struggle, believing that other people ‘out there’ are so much better than we are.

Well, that’s just plain sad, unnecessary and a little bit selfish actually – you have so much to give and share - why deprive the world of Wonderful You? 😊

You’ll notice that it’s not always the most talented, or intelligent or especially gifted people that “make it” in this world… Sometimes you might be asking yourself how on earth some of those people even got as far as they have…?

But the fact is that they think they are wonderful! Everyone else may not always agree, but – they don’t care!! They’re too busy believing they’re wonderful and having a wonderful time!

And the rest of us just don’t realise how wonderful we are!

So if you find YourSelf feeling that you’re not good enough, then it’s time to shift out of self-doubt into self-belief. It’s time to start appreciating and enCouraging Wonderful You!

❤️It’s time to STOP beating YourSelf up and to START CHEERING YourSelf ON!❤️

Why let your own self-doubt stand in the way of rocking Your Wonderful Life?

When you give YourSelf the Love, Appreciation and Encouragement you need to go out and share your best self with the world, you CAN rock your gifts and talents you were born to share. And you’ll emPower YourSelf to Rock your Happiness and Get Your Glow ON! 

With Love and all the Encouragement in the world, because I know YOU CAN...

Life Does Get Easier When You Take It Easy!

Hello Glorious GloWomen,

I know that Life can seem stressful and tough a lot of the time and many of us are wishing and hoping it will ease up…..so I’m bringing you the Good News! 😊

If you’re wishing Life would get easier, or there’s got to be an easier way…then you’re absolutely right!

But here’s the key –

❤️ You've got to take it easy! ❤️

Now I don’t mean sitting back with your feet up and a cocktail (although heck, why not, if you can – enJOY!)
But it’s more about lightening UP on YourSelf.

Because Your Wonderful Life is what YOU make it. So instead of being so hard on YourSelf for all your perceived shortcomings and for all the things you haven’t done….rather give YourSelf a huge pat on the back for all the wonderful things You HAVE created and shared!

Appreciating and enCouraging ourselves and others does so much more to allow the Good Stuff to flow!

The more we stress out over Life, the more stressful it gets....

But you’ll find Life is SO much easier when You choose to have FUN while you’re getting it done! 😊

So why not choose to TAKE IT EASY, wherever you are - step out lightly, fill your heart with Love, SMILE with the world and Get Your Glow ON! ❤️
(Because really – do you wanna stress out and struggle today or any other day? Nah, I didn’t think so!)

With Love and Joy,

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Note to self: It's not personal, it's not serious, Lighten UP!

Respect Your Boundaries and Get Your Glow ON!

Hello Glorious GloWomen,

An issue that comes up often for us and challenges most of the women I coach and mentor, is maintaining respectful and healthy personal boundaries. And this can bring up a lot of guilt and resentment.

As women we often feel uncomfortable with setting boundaries and standing up for what we want, if it means saying “No” to others. We’ve been brought up over centuries to be “nice” and helpful and kind to others – we’re people-pleasers,  we don’t want to be unkind!

But there’s a vast difference between being kind and being a pushover! When we let others trample over us, we’re not being kind to ourselves! We mutter to ourselves that it’s unacceptable, we discuss it with our friends and they agree it’s unacceptable - and then we go off… and accept it again! (Yes, been there, I’m talking from experience here. As I always do!

Sometimes we need to say NO to others, if it means saying YES to ourselves.
We do all know instinctively what our boundaries are (it’s apparent to us when others are pushing against them – it’s uncomfortable and we want to shout NO, but often we just don’t!) We don’t always have enough faith in ourselves to stick to our boundaries - we need to believe in ourselves a lot more!

Standing UP for what you want is an affirmation of WHO YOU ARE and you don’t need to apologise or feel guilty. You emPower YourSelf when you learn to become comfortable with BEING who you are and you keep showing UP for YourSelf. And that means loving and respecting YourSelf enough to stand UP for Wonderful You!

We can’t blame others for not respecting our boundaries, when we’re not respecting them ourselves 😊

And the wonderful thing is – that as soon as we do, as soon as we decide what’s important to us and we respect that, others respect it too! (And those who don’t either fall away, or learn to deal with it!)

So here’s to being brave enough to love and respect ourselves and what’s important to us!
With Love, Courage and Self-Respect, 

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