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If I am not there for Me, who will be?

Life is so ironic – and we’ve just got to see the funny side. Because if we don’t, we would weep…!

One of the ongoing issues that affects women, and something that I coach women business owners to do - is to stand up for themselves, and to value themselves and not to accept less than what they’re worth.

I was busy working on a women’s program (managed by a male client), when I had to put this into practice and stand UP for MySelf.

Firstly, when the client argued about paying my rate and undercut me substantially. And secondly, when I didn’t receive payment after I had delivered the program.

Even though I was upset about this – I followed up in the nicest way possible. I didn’t want to lose my equanimity. I wasn’t looking to start a fight. I was friendly, but firm.

And then suddenly – I was the Bad Guy!
Even though the money was owed to me for a job I had successfully delivered – I was made to feel bad for asking for it?? The client became defensive and our relationship headed downhill. But at the very least, I got paid!

What a huge disappointment! I was doing the work that I loved – and it was bringing benefit to all. I had great feedback from the ladies who attended, and was excited to continue the program.

I am still trying to find the fine line between being bullied and being a pushover, and standing UP for MySelf successfully in the workplace.

But in hindsight (and a lesson for next time) I should not have engaged in a relationship with someone who did not value me from the outset.

I know it’s fear that keeps us in abusive relationships – and I’ve been in my fair share of those both personally and professionally.

So I’m doing my best to value MySelf more and to walk my talk, no matter how scary it may seem.

Because if I am not there for me – who will be? ♥

It’s Treat YourSelf Tuesday! Stand UP for Wonderful You! (Today - and every other day) ☺
Here’s to showing UP for ourselves, to Rocking our Happiness and to Getting our Glow ON! With Love and Fortitude,