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"When We Get our Glow ON, we CAN Light UP our world!" ~ Bets

Nurturing the Nurturers GloWoman workshop with Herzlia Constantia Primary

We rocked an awesome Get Your Glow ON - Nurturing the Nurturers session with the staff of Herzlia Constantia Primary on a Friday afternoon - inspiration, motivation, encouragement, support, yummy eats and lots of laughter.

I feel beyond blessed to be able to share what I do ❤️

My heartfelt gratitude to Jos Horwitz, Principal and Jane Avis, Deputy Principal for making this happen.

With Jane Avis and Jos Horwitz (dressed as the Headboy for Purim!)

I developed the Get Your Glow ON - Nurturing the Nurturers Staff Support Program to support women teachers and educational staff, who are always giving so much of themselves, both physically and emotionally – to their families and to their students, but are not so good at giving to themselves - which can leave them depleted, heading for burnout and low on glow!

This UPlifting program supports women teachers with tools, tips and techniques to help them to reconnect to the best in themselves, in order to share the best of themselves and to inspire our future leaders, heroes and innovators.
It’s hard to be passionate, enthusiastic and inspiring when you’re not feeling enthusiastic and inspired!

The sessions are inspiring and fun and we do it in “tea party” style with a table of eats and tea and coffee so it’s very relaxed and doesn’t feel like “work”.  They are insightful thought-sharing sessions and are getting great feedback from teachers, I'm thrilled to report! 🙏

We rocked our Attitude of Gratitude! This is a gratitude note to everyone, from one of the teachers in the workshop ❤️

Here's to Spreading the Glow as faaaaaar as it can GO! When we Get our Glow ON, we CAN light UP our world!

With Love and Encouragement,