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Turning 50! 50 GlowTips I'm sharing to Spread the Glow!

Woo Hoo! I have turned 50! 

And I've shared 50 GlowTips to Get Your Glow ON, on Medium. This post is the final GlowTip 50: The best way to get over yourself is to enjoy yourself!

The complete list of links to all 50 GlowTips is included below the post.

I’ve been telling everyone I’m turning 50 for ages now. Just to get myself used to it! And now — it’s here!

People keep asking me, “What does it feel like to be turning 50?”.

And the first thing that comes to mind is — Fantastic, I survived! I’m grateful to be alive and kicking! Because many of my friends and loved ones, didn’t make it this far.

I don’t know what 50 feels like. Sometimes I still feel 7 — giggling and silly, or afraid and wanting to hide under the bed. And sometimes I feel 1007 — like I’ve seen it all before, and understanding everything without explanation.

People have commented that I don’t look like 50. I know that’s supposed to be a compliment. But really — what does 50 look like?

I’ve been thinking about how I should dress, what I should wear, do I need to tidy up my hair?! Are my skirts too short? Is my lipstick too bright? I don’t want to be that woman known as 1959 — looks 19 from the back and 59 from the front…ouch! Am I ‘age appropriate’? And what is ‘age appropriate’?

My first 50th birthday pressie — a crown ring. That’s me giving 50 the finger!
One friend said that “50 is the new 30”. But I don’t want to be the new 30. I’m not trying to look younger. I’m proud to be 50! And maybe there aren’t any rules. Maybe it’s just whatever I want it to look like!

I spent most of my life wishing I could be ‘like everybody else’. I only realised years later, that I’d only been insulting myself!

I don’t fit into a mould. And trying to squash myself in was always extremely uncomfortable. So one of the best things about turning 50 — is that I can no longer be bothered to try!

I used to always wonder when I’d grow up. I still love sparkles and pink and silliness and childish things!

Why was growing up taking so long? When would I get the hang of it? When would I start to take life seriously?

For years I didn’t know what I was ‘supposed’ to be. Shouldn’t I be more successful by now? And by whose standards of success? A mature adult — what does that even mean?

But then I realised no-one else had it all together either! So I gave up the quest for ‘mature adulthood’ and decided to enjoy being unashamedly Me!

I’ve spent time getting to know myself. And I really like who I am! And I know not everyone’s going to love me. But that’s cool — as long as I remember to love me!

I can’t be bothered to pretend to be someone I’m not. I’ve never really got that right before. I don’t really know how. So — I’d rather have fun being Me!

I’ve learned that the best way to get over myself is to enjoy myself! Less thinking, less angsting and more enjoying — because who wants to be miserable?!

That’s helped me survive some of the scariest, most challenging times in my life — when I’ve decided to enjoy myself the most that I possibly can — good things always happen!

Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” has been my theme song since it was released way back in 1983. And I did wonder briefly, whether the time had come to choose something ‘more appropriate’.

But then I realised that it doesn’t matter if we’re 15, or 50, or 105 — of course girls just want to have fun! And I don’t intend to stop now!

Below is the complete list of links to the the 50 GlowTips I’ve written to celebrate my 50th Birthday. I hope they’ll inspire you to Rock your Happiness and to Get Your Glow On! (Because, who wants to be miserable?!) xox Bets

GlowTip 50: The best way to get over yourself is to enjoy yourself!

GlowTip 49: You can’t struggle your way to the Good Stuff — have FUN while you’re getting it done!

GlowTip 48: Why scare yourself when you can cheer yourself? Focus on the Upside!

GlowTip 47: Break your own ridiculous rules and free yourself to enjoy yourself!

GlowTip 46: Detach, take a step back — and tune into the Good Stuff!

GlowTip 45: Things don’t always go according to plan. So I’ve made Happiness my plan — whatever happens!

GlowTip 44: The best friendships are always the easiest!

GlowTip 43: Whatever I want is up to me: I’ve got my own magic wand and I’m waving it!

GlowTip 42: Are you connecting, or just collecting? *Meaningful connections* create more of the Good Stuff!

GlowTip 41: You’re not here to explain yourself. You’re here to express yourself!

GlowTip 40: Multi-tasking or Half-Arsing?! I’d rather do one thing (really well) at a time!

GlowTip 39: Enjoy the Best and Let Go of the rest!

GlowTip 38: Don’t ignore the Red Flags — they’re redirecting you towards the Good Stuff!

GlowTip 37: Nobody can make us feel “less than”, when we believe in ourselves!

GlowTip 36: It’s not about work and/or Life — it’s all Life! So why not enjoy it all?

GlowTip 35: Choose mutually UPlifting relationships — or say Cheerio and let them go!

GlowTip 34: Never mind what anyone else thinks you ‘should do’. Nobody knows you better than you!

GlowTip 33: We all make mistakes and it’s All Good!

GlowTip 32: I choose to *commit* to my happiness. Because who wants to be miserable?!

GlowTip 31: Our ‘Me-Time’ is not a “nice-to-have” — it’s an essential priority!

GlowTip 30: It’s not possible to criticise and complain your way to Happiness!

GlowTip 29: Forget about banging your head against a brick wall. Find the open door!

GlowTip 28: We’re not all mind-readers — speak UP and communicate clearly!

GlowTip 27: We’re all creative — express who YOU are, in whatever you do!

GlowTip 26: Get back into Nature to reconnect with Yourself

GlowTip 25: Dump the frump –it’s not doing you any favours!

GlowTip 24: Life really isn’t a melodrama — so don’t make it one!

GlowTip 23: Forget about faking perfection — just be perfectly You!

GlowTip 22: The only way to get somewhere, is to start somewhere!

GlowTip 21: Don’t be afraid to set boundaries — and stick to them!

GlowTip 20: You don’t need anyone’s permission to Rock your Happiness!

GlowTip 19: There is no beauty product in the world that can light up an unhappy face

GlowTip 18: The smallest things, when given with Love, are often the most meaningful.

#GlowTip 17: We free ourselves when we surrender, let go and go with the flow!

#GlowTip 16: Expressing our heartfelt appreciation allows more of the Good Stuff to flow!

#GlowTip 15: The best way to deal with the tough stuff, is to make sure we’re fuelling UP with the GOOD Stuff!

#GlowTip 14: Be Kind to Yourself!

#GlowTip 13: Whatever you're wishing for is waiting for you to show UP!

#GlowTip 12) Don’t do it because you feel bad — do it because it makes you feel GOOD!

#GlowTip 11) It’s no fun at the pity party!

#GlowTip 10) You are not your circumstances!

#GlowTip 9) Enough mourning what you’ve lost — rather Rock your Attitude of Gratitude for what you have.

#GlowTip 8: Assistance will always show up when you ask for it

GlowTip 7: The quickest way out of Victimville is to use your power to choose!

#GlowTip 6: Decide what you want, remind yourself of what’s really important (to you!), focus your attention on it & forget about the rest!

#GlowTip 5: ***Playtime!:**** You’re never to old to have fun playing with your friends (and family).

GlowTip 4) A warm, friendly smile crosses all barriers and boundaries and connects us to the Good Stuff.

#GlowTip 3) There’s always a funny side!

#GlowTip 2) You cannot ‘make’ another person happy.

#GlowTip 1) You can’t worry your way to inspiration!