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Create an Inspiring Vision for Your Wonderful Life!


Do you have your own inspiring vision of living your healthiest, happiest, most creatively fulfilling, productive and JOYful Life?

At this time of year there’s a lot of talk about making New Year’s resolutions and setting goals for the coming year.

Instead of setting the same old goals that don’t really inspire us, i.e. “must lose weight”, or “get out of debt”, or “make more money” – it’s a lot more FUN and more compelling to be driven and lead by an inspiring vision for Your Wonderful Life.

Have FUN playing an imagination game.

Visualise YourSelf living happily, healthily, creatively and JOYfully.

What does that look like to You?
What does that feel like?

Imagine it in JOYful detail:

1) What would I LOVE to do?
2) Who would I LOVE to do it with (describe the type of people you’d LOVE to live/work/play with)
3) What would I LOVE to have?
4) What would I LOVE to be?
5) How would I LOVE to express my creativity?
5) How would I LOVE to use my talents and gifts to be of service?

And then begin to put your intention into ACTION.
7) What can I STOP DOING right NOW that will bring me closer to my vision?
8) What can I START DOING right NOW that will bring me closer to my vision?

Have FUN designing the life that You WANT.
And then set your goals to create it.
Be inspired
to live your healthiest, happiest most JOYful Life – because You CAN!

And then set your intention to Rock your Happiness, tune into the Good Stuff and Get Your Glow On!

With Love, 

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