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"When We Get our Glow ON, we CAN Light UP our world!" ~ Bets

Inspirational Talks, Workshops & Mentor Sessions

 Please contact me to arrange:
  • Private Intuitive Counselling and Mentor Sessions - in person, on Skype, or by phone.
  • Inspirational Talks
  • Individual Workshops
  • Group Workshops
  • Corporate Workshops
  • Outreach Community workshops
You can get your woe on, or You CAN Get Your Glow On!
The choice is up to You!

“The economy, politics, family dynamics, pressure at work, money-problems…there will always be plenty of external factors that can make you feel stressed and anxious, so it’s crucial to go within yourself to find your source of joy, strength and security.
You can choose to actively embrace life with joy and enthusiasm, which is always rewarding and a lot more fun, or you can battle your way along feeling powerless and miserable. And frankly who wants to live like that?
You’re here; you’re alive, so why not enjoy it?

Bettina brings energy, empathy and FUN to her inspirational Get Your Glow On talks, workshops and mentor sessions.
These interactive sessions offer women insights and strategies to connect to their joy and live their most inspired lives.

The empowering talks and workshops are designed to help women Power Up their Self-Belief, embrace their personal power, Rock their Positivity, tune into their JOY, enhance their well-being and Get their Glow On!

Worskhop participants receive a printed and digital workbook which they can use as an updateable blueprint to keep them ‘glowing’.

Through social conditioning and others expectations of us we often end up chugging through life at half-steam, disengaged, fearful and lacking confidence. Our purpose is to live authentically and joyfully!
It’s only our lack of belief in our own abilities that holds us back.
My talks and workshops help to empower women to recognise and use their own power - their belief in themselves - to inspire them to live life purposefully, passionately and JOYfully.”

Gain new insights and learn helpful strategies to emPower You to:
  • Power Up your Self-Belief!
  • Rock your Positivity and BE Your Most Wonderful You!
  • Rock your Passion, Get on Purpose and Live your most JOYful Life!
Talks and Workshops can be designed and customised for your organisation.
In the spirit of Spreading the Glow, pricing can be arranged to accommodate your budget. Please get in touch with me to discuss options.

Venues: Seminars and Workshops are usually held on site at your premises, unless otherwise arranged.
Contact Bettina: Cell 082 851 6974 Email Bets@GloWoman.org

What People are saying about GloWoman:
Thanks for the energy and enthusiasm you put into the workshop. There were some real gems and good words to remember on the entrepreneurial journey to success! (Elli Yiannakaris, Director Raymond Ackerman Academy of Entrepreneurial Development.)

Just a great and heartfelt thank you for being such an awesome speaker at our last ‘I am Beautiful’ event. Your topic and presentation were inspirational! (Zunia, The Avontuur Estate Restaurant)

I cannot find words to pinpoint the feelings when I saw a flicker of life and the warmth of humanity return to the eyes of my staff! You have done truly wonderful things for us, and have got such a lot to give, Bettina. Blessings. (Kathleen, Pesto Princess Foods) 

Hi Bettina, thanks for a wonderful conversation at the Cape Chambers, it is great to have met you and the intro to this wonderful site. Congrats! You are amazing! (Gabriela)

Wonderful to connect with such an inspiring and passionate soul!

Thanks a lot for being such an inspiration, words can’t express enough how much your words of wisdom touch my heart and help me in so many ways. I really appreciate you. I think you are one fabulous woman xoxo!

Oh, super motivation!

Awesome meeting you Bettina - you were truly inspirational! (Lynne-Jay)
Please get in touch with me to arrange and let's Spread the Glow as far as it can go! ☺
When we Get our Glow On, we Light Up our world!

Contact Bettina: Cell +27 82 851 6974 Email Bets@GloWoman.org


  1. Hi Bets,
    Thank you so much for the session few weeks ago. I did the exercises you gave me to do and really focused on what you said. While I was busy with the one exercise I was going through a little setback with my car and positive thinking helped me receive the best help. Further results have been outstanding. Because of positive thinking and releasing the negative I now have good things coming into my life. I now choose to be happy and see the best in everything. My life is changing for the better.
    Thank you!

  2. Yay Nicole! :) Thank You for taking the time to post here! :)

    It warms my heart to hear that you're letting your beautiful light shine!

    Thank You for choosing to Rock your Wonderful Life and Spread the Glow!

    Wishing you Much Love and all the Good Stuff :)

    Bets Xox