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People Directory: Elaine - Hairstylist, Cape Town

"The person you are trying to reach is unavailable. Please try again later".
So I sent him a text: "Where are you these days? My hair needs you!".

A few days later and he still hadn't replied. My heart sank. Panic...

My trusted hairdresser, whom I'd followed around from salon to salon for the last fifteen years had disappeared and the salon where he'd worked wouldn't divulge his whereabouts.

It was time to try someone new. Change.....panic...awful...where, who?
I decided to work on my affirmation. "I will find an excellent hairdresser, close by to where I live, who will do a great job for an affordable price".

That morning I bumped into a woman I recognised from our local beach.
I'd always admired her hair, so I asked her which hairdresser she went to. As it turned out she works at a salon two blocks away from me and told me to call Elaine for an appointment.

And Elaine was exactly what I asked for! Brilliant stylist and colourist - and affordable!!
I'm delighted with the job she did :)

Elaine is in Sea Point, at Shine on hair: 7 Albany Mews on the Main Road, next to Posticino.
call her: 021 4331011

A Cheque from the Bank of The Universe for You

   the Secret 

This is a wonderful Tool for Abundance, created by Rhonda Byrne from The Secret - a blank cheque from the Bank of the Universe, that you can download and make out to yourself, for whatever amount you wish to receive  :)

"The Bank of the Universe is open and with the universal check, you can visualize the unlimited abundance that is yours for the asking.
Print the check, fill in your name and the amount you wish to receive in your chosen currency, then sign and date it. Place the check in a prominent position where you will see it every day! Every time you look at your check, believe and feel that you have the money now!"
 Download your blank cheque here

Places We Love: Journey's Rest Farm, Napier (Cape,SA)

My friends Ryan and Nicola offer two gorgeous (and very affordable) guest cottages on their farm in the Overberg, an hour and a half's drive from Cape Town.
Rolling farmland, comfy well-appointed cottages with lots of little extras (home-baked rusks and bath and body goodies), and spectacular star-gazing make this a truly wonderful getaway to Get Your Glow On :)
More info (including my guest review)  and online booking enquiry here.

Places We Love: Yeotown - a yoga and detox retreat in Devon

Yeotown, a luxury body and soul detox retreat is located in beautiful, unspoilt North Devon.
They offer customised detox and fitness retreats, 5 day holistic Fertility retreats, yoga weekends and yoga teacher training.

"A place where your body, mind and spirit can strengthen, detox and unify in the most invigorating of outdoor settings.  Come and take part in one of our popular specialised programmes. We have a strong, dedicated team of some of the best fitness specialists, yoga instructors, nutritionists and therapists in the UK. "
Beautiful countryside, wonderful surf beaches and luxurious accomodation in the farmhouse, built around a jasmine scented, flower filled courtyard - definitely a place to Get Your Glow On!
Have a look at their website

Places We Love: Le Chaton Rouge, Valley du Loir

Le Chaton Rouge is a gorgeous B&B in the Valley du Loir, France.
Owned and run by my friend Sarah Carlisle, it's located in the middle of the picturesque village of St Pierre du Lorouer.
If you're travelling to France, a few nights spent at Le Chaton Rouge will definitely Get Your Glow On!

Products We Love: Scholl Gel Sore Spots

It doesn’t matter if they’re expensive Italians or Chinese cheapies; some shoes just eat your feet.
You don’t usually discover this while you’re trying them on in the shop.
It’s only once you’ve actually worn them for a while, or had to walk more than three steps in them, that they begin their torture.

I found these fabulous little beauties in London. Scholl Party Feet Gel Sore Spots.
They work a treat and are re-useable. No more blisters for me :)
I’m delighted that I can now actually walk in my favourite pair of patent purple kitten heels and they’re comfortable!

You can order them from Amazon UK here

People Directory: Female Panelbeater in Cape Town

Sandi from A Team Coachworks has been highly recommended.
Call her on 079 8013973.

Unit 2, Mount Villa, Lekkerwater Road, Sunnydale, 7975.

People Directory: Book Design and Typography Specialist

Stefanie Krieg-Elliott is a freelance graphic designer, specialising in book design and typography
She's designed art catalogues/books and architectural brochures/books.
Steffi's worked in New York, Frankfurt and Cape Town.

CV, project list and samples on request.


Contact Steffi:                                                      
Telephone: +27 21 685 6992
Email: steffigraph{at}mweb.co.za

Fabulous at Fifty: 'Gypsy Lee' Gets Her Glow On!

When she started Belly Dancing four years ago, high school biology teacher Lee had no idea that her new found passion would take her travelling to exotic destinations to perform and compete.

“When I discovered Belly Dancing, I knew I was in the right place. It encompasses mind, body and spirit.
Dancing is profound for the female soul. It is a celebration of life, sensuality, femininity, joy and a creative, moving expression of the soul.

Oh yes! Health benefits! My shape has changed, my waist has returned, my extra tire under my breasts has all but gone, and although I still have a jellyfish for a belly, it is flatter than it was!
Belly dancing has greatly strengthened my core abdominal and lower back muscles. (Think Nature’s corset). I can stand proud again and can even dance with a Shamadan (candelabra that you wear on your head and dance) on my head. 

It is perfectly acceptable to have a “belly” and belly-dance – one of the driving forces that got me there was my anger and dislike of my belly, I couldn’t accept my own body and how I had neglected it. No woman should feel that way about their body. Now I can better accept myself as I am, imperfectly beautiful!," says Lee.

Leelah Samia or Gypsy Lee, as she is known on stage, has been a member of the Palace of the Winds performance group for four years and has performed on stage with them all over South Africa, as well as in Italy and Switzerland.

“I am learning all sorts of lessons from an inspired teacher, connecting with the Goddess as much as possible, enjoying the celebration of the feminine in dance and the fellowship of wonderful women, maintaining the flexibility of my joints, keeping my heart beating strong, keeping my weight down and my shape feminine, and delighting in the freedom, passion and sensuality of expressing my own Gypsy spirit.

I hope that you too can find yourself in a place that brings you joy!”

Gypsy Lee on stage below
Below: Palace of the Winds in the Swiss Alps (Gypsy Lee is last on the right)

Kate Draws Herself Out of Debt

Brilliant idea! 

Kate Bingaman-Burt draws herself out of debt with her book Obsessive Consumption.

Fab drawings that she did of all the things she bought on this slideshow. Enjoy!

View Slideshow

Cheerful Daily Emails to Get Your Glow On

I look forward to Mike Dooley’s free, personalised Notes from the Universe emails, which arrive in my Inbox daily.

They’re short, cheerful and encouraging and always make me smile.

“What if the Universe were to send you little reminders of your power, life’s magic and how much you’re loved??”

This is a lovely one I received recently: 

“You're right, Bets; too much self-discipline will discourage your playful, wandering imagination. It'll snuff out the flames of inspiration and creativity. And it'll weigh you down with routines and logic. It simply isn't "spiritual."

But, then, neither is too little.
    The Universe”

Thoughts become things... choose the good ones! ®

I’d definitely recommend that you sign up to receive these little gems :)

With love

Set Up an Online Store in 60 seconds - Great Idea!

Great idea! You can set up an online store at Tinypay, in only 60 seconds and sell from anywhere in the world. 
You can donate a percentage to charity as well if you'd like to, and payments are handled by PayPal. 

Are You Doing What You Love?

"Everything - a horse, a vine - is created for some duty... For what task, then, were you yourself created? A man's true delight is to do the things he was made for." ~ Marcus Aurelius
Are you doing what you LOVE?  What is it that you LOVE to do?

We all have our unique talents and abilities that we were given to share with the world.

Have you ever thought about how great it would be if you were PAID to do what you LOVE?

It’s absolutely possible that you can!

Tell us what it is that you love to do.

There will always be a need for the services you offer. Try putting it out there…

Let people know what you LOVE to do and your passion and enthusiasm will be contagious!

List what you can offer, in the comment box below, on the Facebook fanpage, or email me and I’ll add it to the People Directory that we’ll be putting  up on the website.

Start living the life you want to live and Get Your Glow On!

People Directory and Inspiration Resources pages

I'm not able to post the Directory Listings on the People and Inspiration pages, so I'll label the entries and you'll be able to click on the labels and call them up.
I hope to get the main website up and running soon, with all the info I'll be collecting from the blog.
The website will have better functionality, but as I've said before, this is only the beginning of the project :)

“If the first plan which you adopt does not work successfully, replace it with a new plan; if this new plan fails to work, replace it in turn with still another, and so on, until you find a plan which does work. Right here is the point at which the majority of men meet with failure, because of their lack of persistence in creating new plans to take the place of those which fail.” ~ Napoleon Hill

In the meantime, please post your info in the comments section or email me and I'll post them on the blog.
You can also post on the Facebook Fanpage

'Begin it now!'

I’ve been mulling over the idea for GloWoman for 3 years now.
I’d come up with the name and the vision of what I wanted it to be.
But I had no idea how, or where to start.
I kept re-visiting the idea; imagining it up and running, and wondering how I could turn it into reality.
And finally I realised (with a little prodding from Goethe, via Brian Johnson's Philosopher's Notes), that I just had to START :)
"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now!"~ - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
So I’m starting with a little blog, that I’ve put together myself.  I’ve envisioned an interactive community website, but this is indeed, a start :)

The next step will be to get the Directories up. I’ll be creating directories of the listings that you’ll be posting or emailing to me, so that we’ll have a great selection of resources to encourage you to Get Your Glow On™.

Tell us who you are, what you LOVE to do, or what you’re looking for.

Recommend People, Products or Places you love.
Please start posting in the Comment section, or email me directly, Bets@GloWoman.org  and I’ll add your details to the Directory.

I'll be posting resources and titbits to inspire you to Get Your Glow On, and look forward to hearing from you. 

With love,