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Nurturing the Nurturers: GloWoman morning at Brenthurst Residence

What a wonderful start to the year! Thank You Matron Lizann Painter for inviting me to share the Nurturing the Nurturers GloWoman program with your staff at the Brenthurst Residence for the elderly.

I created the GloWoman Nurturing the Nurturers program to support our beloved nurses and care-givers, who give so much of themselves providing care to those who cannot care for themselves -  but are not always so good at giving what they need to themselves, which can leave them depleted, heading for burnout and low on glow!

The theme for the sessions was Rocking the Good Stuff in 2018: Out with the Old and in with the New and we focused on the following areas to help us tune into our Love, Happiness and Joy, no matter what our circumstances!
  • Breathing In Love, Breathing out Peace: Exercises to to re-connect and centre ourselves.
  • Entitlement vs Taking Responsibility for Joyful Outcomes (If it’s going to be it’s up to me! - the power of Choice) 
  • Rocking our Attitude of Gratitude – Appreciation always raises our vibration!
  • There’s always an UPside – rocking our positivity to find the blessings in the stressings
  • Reconnect to Wonderful You: Self-Appreciation, Self-Love, Self-Care.
    I'm so delighted with the wonderful feedback I received from all the ladies. It's always great to Spread the Glow and heartwarming to know that the ripple effect sends the Good Stuff out into the world as faaaaar as it can go! 

    I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to do the "work" I love to do.  
    Here's to Getting our Glow ON, and lighting UP our world!
    With Love,