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Forget about ‘feeling bad’ – Lose the Guilt and Get Your Glow On! ☺

Are you doing things because you want to, or because you “feel bad”?☺

We’ve all got certain obligations and duties in our lives that we need to attend to.
But we put ourselves under added pressure and stress by agreeing to do a lot of other things that we don’t have to do  -  because we feel guilty if we don’t.

One of the most liberating things I did for myself was to give up doing things out of guilt.
And oh – the relief!! ☺

I used to agree to doing things that I knew, immediately, that I didn’t ‘want’ to do!
And then I’d go through a long, stressful process of hoping arrangements would be cancelled, or wondering how I could get out of them - getting more stressed, the closer the time came, beating myself up because I felt I ‘should’ and often bailing out with some lame excuse, at the last minute.... 
Know the feeling? ☺ ☺

When we agree to things that we want to do, we’re acting in integrity – we feel good, comfortable with our decision and empowered, because we’re respecting ourselves and coming from a place of Love

Acting out of guilt doesn’t benefit you or the people around you.
Would You like to know that someone was doing something for you, or with you because they felt guilty? ☺

If you’re doing something out of guilt and not out of love, it’s not going to be a JOYful experience for anyone.

Whatever you do – if you’re going to do it, then put your heart into it and do it with Love. 
Embrace the experience, find the blessing and find the JOY ☺

Don’t do it because you “feel bad”. Do it because You FEEL GOOD and you’ll tune into the Good Stuff and Get Your Glow On! ☺

With Love,

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