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Sod Your Ridiculous Rules and Get Your Glow On! ☺

For better or worse, we have to adhere to the rules and legalities of our society.
But are You placing unnecessary rules on Your Wonderful Life?

Most of us spend our lives in a disciplined routine, which is essential for streamlining, organising and getting things done.

But sometimes we place a lot of ridiculous rules on ourselves, which can get in the way of our happiness.

One of my more ridiculous rules is that I can’t leave a ‘dirty’ flat.
This is my ridiculous rationale: “God forbid I should die when I’m out and people should go into my flat and see how untidy I left it.”

Which is truly beyond ridiculous, because I’m an obsessive clean freak, and my flat is so clean you could eat off the floor – so leaving a few dirty dishes in the sink hardly makes it a pigsty!

I’m a very disciplined person – focused, organised and a little obsessive compulsive with my ‘rules’.
And there are certain things that I’ve committed to doing first thing in the morning: my Facebook page post, going for a run, and cleaning my kitchen.

But today was a Sod the Rules day – a Big Thing for me!

A close friend and I had been trying to meet up for a while.
She rang me early this morning to arrange a coffee meeting.
At first I hesitated – I had a routine to maintain… 
But because I hadn’t seen her in ages, I agreed to break my routine and go!

Of course the sky didn’t fall in! It was great to see her. We had a fabulous morning!

I’m certainly not going to chuck out my discipline (I couldn’t anyway – it’s who I am!), but I’m happy to allow a little leeway.

I’m better than I was - which has come with self-awareness of how ridiculous a lot of my ‘rules’ were.
I now allow myself to enjoy a sunshiny snooze on the couch on a winter’s afternoon – whereas before I used to think I had to sit at my desk during ‘work hours’.
Really ridiculous considering I am my own 'boss', and I work from home.
(I often tell people that being your own boss, could be the worst boss you’ve ever had!)

And while I was writing this post, I broke another one of my rules – which is that I don’t take phone calls while I’m writing. ☺
Well I did, and I’m glad!
Because it was a friend inviting me to breakfast at a gorgeous beachfront venue on Monday morning – what a great way to start the week! Something super to look forward to!

And perhaps it’s time to re-think some of my other ridiculous rules – especially the one that says “You can’t have a boyfriend (at my age, I find the word boyfriend ridiculous!) until you’re back on your feet financially”
Personally that one’s sounding like a lot of crapola to me.
If he’s the right one, he’ll love and adore me in spite of the fact that my finances are currently lower than low.

What ridiculous rules are you placing in the way of your happiness?

Life doesn’t fit into neat little boxes. We've got to open up and make sure that our Joy isn’t trapped and suffocating inside.
We all need to break out of our routine now and then, and allow ourselves to enJOY variety, creativity, relaxation and spontaneous FUN! 

This is Your WONDERFUL Life – don’t let your ridiculous rules stop you from Rocking your Happiness and Getting Your Glow On!

With Love, 


  1. Oh Dear!!! You got to put all these on your book!!! You Are inspiring and fun! Great formula!!! ;-)

  2. Thanks for your encouragement Amasilys! :) Yes, my book is coming together, a little bit at a time :)
    HUGS, Xx