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Optimal Living Video: Goals, Gifts and Living your 'Optimal Life'

Electra Ariail put together a beautiful short video based on Brian Johnson's Optimal Living 101.
(Thanks Electra and Brian!)

Are your goals focused on 'Having'  i.e. material stuff, and 'Doing',  i.e. things you want to go and see or do?

Brian suggests focusing on 'Being' goals i.e. being kind, patient, generous and 'Creating' goals i.e. creating something of value.

Living an authentic life in line with your values will create the 'byproducts' of your optimal life as you give your greatest gifts in service to the world.
"Optimal Living begins with Baby Steps. Just Begin..."
Enjoy the video clip and start living your Optimal Life now - what are you waiting for? :)
With love,

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