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Note to self:It's not personal, it's not serious, Lighten UP!

When we start taking Life too seriously, when we start taking Life to personally, when we forget that Life is not a melodrama, we can find ourselves heading down the Victim Highway to Misery Road….

I had a little laugh at myself recently. I had to give myself a little talking to when a prospective client who wanted my writing services, disregarded my proposal and made me such a ridiculous offer that I started getting all huffy and pissy (not to the prospective client, but the silent mutterings and stewing that comes with not expressing feelings and feeling more and more sorry for yourself). 😩

You might relate here and know the feeling…

“Why the f*** should they, a large and successful corporation, think it’s ok for them to make a fortune, but I have to eat cat food. Grump grump….grumble…stew….stew… Don’t talk to me about your luxury sportscar when I can’t even afford to have my 13 year old car serviced! I am an excellent writer with 30 years of professional writing experience. How dare they insult me with such an offer. I’m over it. Over it!”

And the funny thing was – when I decided I was over it….I realised I was the one who had turned it in an issue! I was the one who had taken offence…. They weren’t insulting “me”.  It wasn’t personal – but I had taken it personally!

This wasn’t even about me. This is just the way they do business. They weren’t expecting me to eat cat food! And again, I realised that I needed to step back into my power… to choose!

When I found myself giggling at the ridiculousness of their offer, I realised once again that Life is so much easier played as a game. And I’m really good at playing! 😄

So when I moved out of my serious, pissy, angry, huffing and puffing, victim-like mentality and remembered who I was and what I could do – it stopped bothering me. I could see the funny side!

I know what I offer and I know what I’m worth. And I’ve set my intention not to accept anything less and I am serious about that!

I’m not allowing the world to dictate to me who I am, or how I feel.

It’s UP to me to choose. And I choose Love, Abundance and JOY!

If it’s going to be, it’s UP to me!

So here’s to remembering to Lighten UP, laugh at ourselves and to not taking Life too personally or too seriously. Here’s to remembering who we are, what we offer, what we are prepared to accept – and then to stepping out lightly to create and enJOY the Good Stuff and Get our Glow ON!

With Love, 

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