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"When We Get our Glow ON, we CAN Light UP our world!" ~ Bets

Good News: You're NOT the Baggage Manager of the Universe!

If you're feeling a little weighed down, the Good News is that you may be holding on to a whole lot of heavy baggage that doesn't even belong to you.

We’re all travelling with some baggage that we’ve picked up along the way – but You don’t need to weigh YourSelf down with someone else’s heavy baggage - You're not the Baggage Manager of the Universe! 😀

When someone’s being negative, or trying to put You down – they’re just projecting their own heavy baggage on to the situation or directing it at you...
BUT ***You don’t have to take it on-board!*** ☺
It’s NOT *your* stuff! ☺

You can decide to say "NO thanks!"
You can decide to wish them well...
You can decide to stay tuned to the Good Stuff and to ***let the rest go!***

You don't need to carry the weight of the world....you'll serve YourSelf and the world a lot better when you're out there shining your Light!

And You CAN decide to keep shining, to travel lightly, to enJOY your journey and to Get Your Glow ON! 💞
And I hope you do - because when We Get Our Glow ON, we CAN Light UP our world! ✨💞
With Love and Light and all the enCouragement in the world,

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