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Respect Your Boundaries and Get Your Glow ON!

Hello Glorious GloWomen,

An issue that comes up often for us and challenges most of the women I coach and mentor, is maintaining respectful and healthy personal boundaries. And this can bring up a lot of guilt and resentment.

As women we often feel uncomfortable with setting boundaries and standing up for what we want, if it means saying “No” to others. We’ve been brought up over centuries to be “nice” and helpful and kind to others – we’re people-pleasers,  we don’t want to be unkind!

But there’s a vast difference between being kind and being a pushover! When we let others trample over us, we’re not being kind to ourselves! We mutter to ourselves that it’s unacceptable, we discuss it with our friends and they agree it’s unacceptable - and then we go off… and accept it again! (Yes, been there, I’m talking from experience here. As I always do!

Sometimes we need to say NO to others, if it means saying YES to ourselves.
We do all know instinctively what our boundaries are (it’s apparent to us when others are pushing against them – it’s uncomfortable and we want to shout NO, but often we just don’t!) We don’t always have enough faith in ourselves to stick to our boundaries - we need to believe in ourselves a lot more!

Standing UP for what you want is an affirmation of WHO YOU ARE and you don’t need to apologise or feel guilty. You emPower YourSelf when you learn to become comfortable with BEING who you are and you keep showing UP for YourSelf. And that means loving and respecting YourSelf enough to stand UP for Wonderful You!

We can’t blame others for not respecting our boundaries, when we’re not respecting them ourselves 😊

And the wonderful thing is – that as soon as we do, as soon as we decide what’s important to us and we respect that, others respect it too! (And those who don’t either fall away, or learn to deal with it!)

So here’s to being brave enough to love and respect ourselves and what’s important to us!
With Love, Courage and Self-Respect, 

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