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Nurturing the Nurturers with Dementia SA Bergvliet Support Group

Thank You Annette Milner, facilitator of the Dementia SA Bergvliet Support Group, for inviting me to share my Nurturing the Nurturers interactive talk.

Those courageous and loving people who have undertaken to care for their parents or spouses with dementia often find themselves depleted and heading for burnout, as they sacrifice their own well-being in caring for their loved ones.

I believe burnout is a deep cry from our soul, for our own self-love, self-care, compassion and kindness. A cry to honour ourselves. 

We can't effectively care for anyone else, until we honour and take care of ourselves and our needs, including the things that bring us pleasure and joy.

It's easier to deal with the tough stuff when we fuel ourselves up with the Good Stuff. So I share tips, techniques and tools to help make life less frightful, and more delightful! 

I love facilitating these Glow sessions and helping people to release their fear, guilt and regrets and to re-connect to their gratitude, appreciation and joy 💜

And it's sooo wonderful to feel the energy in the room change....people come in feeling overwhelmed and fearful, and they leave smiling and feeling inspired. 

Thank You Universe for delivering these blessings through me and to me 💞 

When We Get our Glow ON, we CAN Light UP our World!

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