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Remember Who You Are and Simply BE Magnificent You!

Dearest Glorious GloWomen,
I know that it seems that Life can sometimes leave us reeling, confused and thinking “Wtf am I doing? Wtf am I supposed to be doing? Wtf am I doing here? Why is this happening to me? This isn’t what I want. I can’t believe this is my life! If only I had…. (usually tons of money!), life would be so much easier/better/ more fun…”
I know that sometimes our circumstances can leave us feeling beyond crappy and cause us to forget our uniquely talented and beautiful selves; our priorities and our desires and the very essence of Who We Really Are….
And it happens to all of us! 
I know that circumstance in my own life have left me feeling lost and scared and alone and unsure of what to do…and the more I disconnect from my own love and joy, the more I disconnect from my own life force, the more powerless I feel and yep… the worse my life gets…aaaggghh! 
But the wonderful thing is - as soon as I remember who I am, what’s important to me, and what I intend to create and experience – BOOM! Just like that - all the Good Stuff in the Universe is available to me and I open UP to allowing it to flow! 💞💞💞

So for all who are feeling lost and afraid, or battle-weary – here is your REMINDER: Your circumstances do not dictate who you are. Remember Who You Really Are!! You’re not here by some random accident and you do matter. Your Life matters.

You’re a vitally important part of our Universe, a gift to our world, a powerful Light created to SHINE; to do what makes You happy, and to share your gifts of Love and Joy with the world. And the best way to get over Yourself is to enJOY BEING YOURSELF! 🌟🌟🌟💖💖💖

The more joy and pleasure and love and laughter you add to your day, the better you’ll feel and the more you’ll find your circumstances improving; the Good Stuff starts flowing through you and to you – what a win! It’s really so simple, it’s just easy-peasy…when we REMEMBER to simply BE the Love and JOY that we are! 💞

So here’s to rocking a Magnificent Monday – remember to BE Magnificent YOU – your happiness, your pleasure, your joy, your creativity, your desires – intend them, create them, enJOY them and share them and you’ll keep your Light shining and Get Your Glow ON! 💜
With Love and JOY, 

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