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Products We Love: RESCUE Remedy® to Calm, Soothe and Restore.

"Every single person has a life to live, a work to do, a glorious personality, a wonderful individuality." ~ Dr. Edward Bach
I am forever grateful to Dr Edward Bach, for developing his wonderful range of Bach Flower Remedies in the 1930s in England.
You can read more about him here.
I’m never without my Rescue Remedy. 
It’s a must-have for your handbag. It’s brilliant for shock, stress and anxiety and really does work instantly to calm you down :)
I’m always amazed that a few drops of distilled flower essence can be so effective!
It’s also a safe and gentle remedy for children and animals.
Rescue Remedy is made up of a five individual flower essences that help you cope with the different emotional aspects of stressful situations:
  • Rock Rose is used for terror and panic
  • Impatiens addresses irritation and impatience
  • Clematis is for inattentiveness and a lack of focus
  • Star of Bethlehem is for shock
  • Cherry Plum helps with irrational thoughts and a lack of self control
To learn more about the other Bach Flower Remedies in the range, and to help you determine which Remedies to select, please click here.

We have 5 Bach RESCUE™ Peaceful Night Gift Sets to GIVE AWAY!      
Packed inside the fab hanging toiletry bag are:
RESCUE Night™Drops (10ml) Alcohol-Free
A combination of the original Rescue Remedy plus the Bach Flower Remedy of White Chestnut which helps to quiet the mind and helps you get a restful night’s sleep

RESCUE Pastilles™ (50g) – Alcohol-Free
Rescue pastilles contain the same flower remedies used in Rescue Remedy. They’re naturally flavoured with elderflower and orange and are alcohol and sugar-free. The handbag-friendly click-shut tin is great for travelling. The soothing action of chewing also helps to calm and relax you.

RESCUE Cream™ (30g).
Our skin is an indicator of how the body feels inside, and is often the first place to show the effects of a demanding busy life.
Rescue Cream is an intensive moisturiser to hydrate and soothe dry, sensitive or rough skin and restore it to its natural condition. With regular use it helps protect the skin against environmental influences and other external stress factors. It is lanolin free, paraben free and perfume free.

Email me with the subject line: Bach RESCUE Peaceful Night.
Include your name and address.
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  1. LOOOOOVE this stuff. Such a pity that I can´t buy it in Sweden. Definitely recommend it! Have just shared this link with my facebook network!

  2. :) Isn't it brilliant? Have to confess I've used it a few times while trying to figure out frustrating techie issues developing this blog :)
    Thanks again for Spreading the Glow Nat xx