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Are You Doing What's 'Right' for You?

I have a friend who is constantly running herself ragged with ‘obligations’.
She's a powerful businesswoman who works long, demanding hours and doesn’t have much personal time.

The amount of responsibility she’s taken on at the office, outside of her job requirements is quite astounding.

And she spends her ‘free’ time rushing from arrangement to arrangement – friends’ children’s birthday parties, engagement parties, christenings, kitchen teas and all the rest.
She’s a stalwart. Always turns up on time, and with a beautiful present that she’s chosen and wrapped herself.

Recently we were both invited to the same wedding.
It was on a farm in the country, two hours away from Cape Town.

Going to the wedding would be an overnight affair.
It sounded like fun, but I wasn’t sure that I wanted to be away for the weekend.
I couldn’t understand why she wanted to go at all.

The groom was her ex-boyfriend. 
He’d left her broken-hearted, to return to his childhood sweetheart whom he was now about to marry.
My friend and the groom had remained close friends and he was insistent that she come to his wedding.
She had hugely mixed feelings about being there, as it was emotionally very hard for her.

She told me she had to “be there for him”, as it was “the right thing to do”.
“The right thing for Who?”, I asked her.

We all have obligations that we need to attend to, but sometimes you have to ask yourself if ‘doing the right thing’ really is the ‘Right Thing’ for You.

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