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How can you see, if you're not looking?

I live in a flat overlooking the sea. Every time I see whales or dolphins I get so excited. It's wonderful to watch them leaping and swimming by.
When I first moved in here I was chatting to one of the long-time residents who said she'd never seen them.
I told her I'd let her know when I spotted them again.
The next few times I saw them, I rang to tell her and she was delighted.

When I run along the promenade and I see them, I tell all the people I pass to have a look.
No-one walking along the seafront ever sees them, until I point them out.
Then they all get so excited, and stop to watch.

The other day I bumped into the woman from downstairs, as we were both walking out of the building.
"Did you see the whales this morning?",
I asked. 
"There are at least five of them in the bay, right up close to the shore."
"No", she said, sounding disappointed. "You didn't phone me".
"But I thought you would have seen them".
"They've been here for the last few days".
"I haven't been looking", she answered.
"Well, they're right in front of you. Look now",
I said, as we walked outside.

And then she saw them, and got so excited she started pointing them out to other residents who were coming in.
People who live right at the sea and hadn't seen the whales and dolphins who regularly come into the bay.
Because they weren't looking.
“Look and you will find it - what is unsought will go undetected.” ~ Sophocles
If you keep looking for what you want to see, you'll see it  ☺

With love,


  1. Indeed. Lovely post :)

    1. I'm glad you enJOYed it :)
      Thank You for Spreading the Glow!
      With Love,

  2. So inspiring to read!

  3. Thanks Claire! Here's to recognising the Good Stuff and Getting our Glow On! :)
    With Love,
    Bets Xx