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Talk! Connect and Get Your Glow On :)

Texts, tweets, emails and Instant Messaging are quick, easy and convenient ways of staying in touch.
But we’re not cyber-souls. We need physical human connection.

Sending off a quick electronic ‘Thank You’ is polite and acceptable, but taking the time to ring someone and thank them creates a much better exchange of energy.
You and the person you’re thanking will feel good!

Email conversations back and forth are often necessary as well as convenient, but having an actual conversation with someone creates rapport and helps to deepen the connection.

Most of us feel that we just don’t have the time to talk to our colleagues, friends and loved ones very often. We’re always in a hurry with something else to do.

Conversation and dialogue become so much more meaningful when it’s physical – just hearing a friendly voice on the phone can raise your energy levels.

Even when we meet face-to-face, there are some people who still check their messages, text and even take phone calls, while attempting to have a physical conversation with you.
And that creates further ‘disconnect’.

We’re all so busy staying ‘connected’ that we’re disconnecting from an exchange of energy that is real 'connection'.

Tell someone how you feel. Say ‘Thank You’. Phone a friend and share a laugh together. Ask someone how they’re doing.

Connect and Get Your Glow On :)

With love,

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