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Brilliant 'How To Play Tennis' Guide and Resources

Here's a brilliant guide from The Guardian on How to Play Tennis.
Fantastic advice from top players, videos, tips and interactive demos for Beginners through to Advanced players.

(Tip: scroll down the entire length of the page - there are loads of articles, interactive guides and videos.)

Serena's serving tips have helped me play a few aces :)

There's a great article on the psychology of winning on the Tennis court - which actually applies to all situations in life - self-belief is crucial :)

Before this year's Ladies Singles Final at Wimbledon, I heard both finalists being interviewed.

Interestingly, Vera Zvonereva, who went on to become the Runner-Up, said "I'll try to win".

Before winning her 4th Wimbledon Singles title, Serena Williams said, "I want to win. So I have to go out there and win".

Self-belief, perfecting your skills, stamina, persistence and  fun  - on the court, or off - it's the winning combination :)

pic courtesy of  www.guardian.co.uk

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