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Check In with Yourself and Focus on Your 'Right Life'

Most of us lead busy lives with many external distractions. People often say that they “don’t have time to think”.
But we’re actually thinking all the time. There’s a constant chatter going on in our heads.
The Buddhists call it ‘Monkey Mind’ – as we jump from thought to thought like monkeys swinging from tree to tree.
We have to learn to be aware of, and deliberately control our thoughts; choosing thoughts that empower and inspire us and contemplating only what we want to see in our lives.
“The most valuable skill that you could ever develop is the skill of directing your thoughts toward what you want—to be adept at quickly evaluating all situations and then quickly coming to the conclusion of what you most want—and then giving your undivided attention to that.” ~ Esther & Jerry Hicks
It’s essential to take some quiet time to check in with yourself every day.
"Hi Self, how are you feeling? What do you need? What do you want? What can I do for you?"
It’s important to listen to yourself  and to do what you need to do to take care of you.

Usually our minds start racing as soon as we wake up in the morning.
Before you get out of bed and start your day, take a minute to check in with yourself.
Think about what you're grateful for and what you’d like for the day ahead.
“If you will bring yourself to a more deliberate control of your own thought, you will bring yourself to a more deliberate control of your own life experience.”~ Esther & Jerry Hicks
Whenever you find yourself worrying and getting anxious or distressed, keep bringing your thoughts back to focus only on what you want.
If you’re saying “I don’t have time to think”, what you’re really saying is that you’re your own life is not important enough to think about.
What happens then, is that you’re constantly reacting to what is going on around you, instead of being in control and steering your life in the direction that you’d like it to go.

When you make it an habitual daily practice to focus your thoughts on the life that you want, that powerful intention will create your reality.
"Your mind will be like its habitual thoughts; for the soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts. Soak it then in such trains of thoughts as, for example: Where life is possible at all, a right life is possible." ~ Marcus Aurelius
Check in with your soul daily, focus your thoughts on your 'right life' and Get Your Glow On :)
With Love

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