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People Directory: Elaine - Hairstylist, Cape Town

"The person you are trying to reach is unavailable. Please try again later".
So I sent him a text: "Where are you these days? My hair needs you!".

A few days later and he still hadn't replied. My heart sank. Panic...

My trusted hairdresser, whom I'd followed around from salon to salon for the last fifteen years had disappeared and the salon where he'd worked wouldn't divulge his whereabouts.

It was time to try someone new. Change.....panic...awful...where, who?
I decided to work on my affirmation. "I will find an excellent hairdresser, close by to where I live, who will do a great job for an affordable price".

That morning I bumped into a woman I recognised from our local beach.
I'd always admired her hair, so I asked her which hairdresser she went to. As it turned out she works at a salon two blocks away from me and told me to call Elaine for an appointment.

And Elaine was exactly what I asked for! Brilliant stylist and colourist - and affordable!!
I'm delighted with the job she did :)

Elaine is in Sea Point, at Shine on hair: 7 Albany Mews on the Main Road, next to Posticino.
call her: 021 4331011

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