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Stay True to You and Follow Your Own Path

It's amazing to think that there are billions of people on the planet, and yet each of us is unique.
There is no-one else in this world, who is exactly the same as you or me :)

Each one of us has our own mind, our own looks, our own talents and our own unique path to travel through life.
"You are the best you. You will always be the second best anyone else”. ~ Leo Buscaglia
Let's celebrate our uniqueness :)
Love and accept everything about yourself and respect the wonderful being that is uniquely You.
"I accept my uniqueness. There is no competition and no comparison, for we are all different and meant to be that way. I am special and wonderful. I love myself."
~ Louise L. Hay
When you compare yourself to others, or desire to live someone else’s life, you’re disrespecting yourself.
Why would you want to be like somebody else, when you are your unique Wonderful You? :)
“Envy is ignorance. Imitation is suicide.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Don’t concern yourself with ‘trying to fit in’, if it doesn’t feel comfortable to you.
When you remain true to who you are, you’ll attract people and circumstances that are 'the right fit’ for the Real You.
"There are scores of people waiting for someone just like us to come along; people who will appreciate our compassion, our encouragement, who will need our unique talents. Someone who will live a happier life merely because we took the time to share what we had to give." ~ Leo Buscaglia
Choose your direction in life that fits best with your vision of what you want, and follow your dreams and desires.
“Every choice before you represents the universe inviting you to remember who you are and what you want.” ~ Alan Cohen
If you live your life according to what other people want, or think is best for you, you'll compromise your own happiness.
Happiness comes from living your authentic life and being true to yourself.
"One cannot choose wisely for a life unless he dares to listen to himself, his own self, at each moment of his life."
Abraham Maslow
You know in your heart, and you can feel in your body when something is right for you.
When you feel enthusiastic, joyful and empowered by your decisions, then you know that you are on the right track.
"We become intensely powerful and effective once we start believing in the light within us, and allow this inner light to guide us toward the right action."
~ Linda Tucker
You can look to others for inspiration and guidance, but ultimately the choices you make are up to you.
"This is my way; where is yours? – Thus I answered those who asked me 'the way.' For the way – that does not exist."
Friedrich Nietzsche
Choose to write the script of your life in alignment with your own personal values and vision.
With every decision you make for your life, keep asking yourself, "Is this what I truly want?", and do what feels right for you.
"Cherish your visions. Cherish your ideals. Cherish the music that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your mind, the loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts, for out of them will grow all delightful conditions, all heavenly environment; of these, if you but remain true to them, your world will at last be built." ~ James Allen
Be true to yourself, do what feels right for you, follow your own path and Get Your Glow On :)

With Love,

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