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Fabulous at Fifty: 'Gypsy Lee' Gets Her Glow On!

When she started Belly Dancing four years ago, high school biology teacher Lee had no idea that her new found passion would take her travelling to exotic destinations to perform and compete.

“When I discovered Belly Dancing, I knew I was in the right place. It encompasses mind, body and spirit.
Dancing is profound for the female soul. It is a celebration of life, sensuality, femininity, joy and a creative, moving expression of the soul.

Oh yes! Health benefits! My shape has changed, my waist has returned, my extra tire under my breasts has all but gone, and although I still have a jellyfish for a belly, it is flatter than it was!
Belly dancing has greatly strengthened my core abdominal and lower back muscles. (Think Nature’s corset). I can stand proud again and can even dance with a Shamadan (candelabra that you wear on your head and dance) on my head. 

It is perfectly acceptable to have a “belly” and belly-dance – one of the driving forces that got me there was my anger and dislike of my belly, I couldn’t accept my own body and how I had neglected it. No woman should feel that way about their body. Now I can better accept myself as I am, imperfectly beautiful!," says Lee.

Leelah Samia or Gypsy Lee, as she is known on stage, has been a member of the Palace of the Winds performance group for four years and has performed on stage with them all over South Africa, as well as in Italy and Switzerland.

“I am learning all sorts of lessons from an inspired teacher, connecting with the Goddess as much as possible, enjoying the celebration of the feminine in dance and the fellowship of wonderful women, maintaining the flexibility of my joints, keeping my heart beating strong, keeping my weight down and my shape feminine, and delighting in the freedom, passion and sensuality of expressing my own Gypsy spirit.

I hope that you too can find yourself in a place that brings you joy!”

Gypsy Lee on stage below
Below: Palace of the Winds in the Swiss Alps (Gypsy Lee is last on the right)